They are among the largest snakes in the world. They are non-venomous. Nevertheless, pythons are a danger to our chickens, goats and dogs. They can also be a danger to us when they are large enough to attack and swallow us!


Don’t go chasing pythons!
They might want to CUDDLE YOU…


17 June 2018

Indonesian woman swallowed by 8-metre python

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In the second case of its kind to emerge from neighbouring Indonesia in a little over a year, a woman was reportedly swallowed whole by an eight-metre python in southeast Sulawesi.

According to The Jakarta Post, the victim, 54-year-old Wa Tiba, had gone missing after going to her plantation in the Muna Regency to check on her corn on the last day of Ramadhan.

An initial search for her by her sibling the next morning only revealed Wa Tiba’s footprints, a torch, slippers and a machete, the Post reported.

Her body was later discovered inside the eight-metre python, which had been killed by local residents after they found it lying nearby with a swollen belly.

The Guardian quoted local police chief Hamka, who goes by one name, as saying: “Residents were suspicious the snake swallowed the victim, so they killed it, then carried it out of the garden.

“The snake’s belly was cut open and the body of the victim was found inside.”

28 January 2018




2h2 hours ago


1h1 hour ago

Pemuda mati dijerut ular sawa di Jenjarom




Man killed by python he caught to sell

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A man who was believed to have wanted to sell a python he found on his way home after a night out with some friends ended up being strangled to death by the 3.5 metre-long reptile in Jalan Haji Ibrahim, Kuala Langat early today.

In the 3am incident, Zaim Khalis Kosnan, 35, died of asphyxiation after his neck was constricted by the python.

His brother-in-law, Mohd Noor Radiman, 54, said he was made to understand that the victim only held the snake’s head while returning home on a motorcycle.

“The python began to coil around his body and constricted his neck when he was on his way home. Subsequently, he fell off the motorcycle along with the snake.

“He was already dead when the passers-by found him by the road side,” he said when met at the Banting Hospital’s Forensic Department here.

Mohd Noor said none of the family members were aware that the victim was trained to catch snakes, but the deceased was seen doing it before by his fellow villagers.

18 Feb 2017

Lelaki Indoensia ini dikatakan cuba nak tangkap sawa ini. Tapi sawa itu belit dia



Villagers hacked reptile to release its death grip



2h2 hours ago

Python strangles Indonesian man to death in Terengganu

KUALA TERENGGANU: An Indonesian man was strangled to death by a python weighing 100kg in Kampung Batu Rambutan, Jabor here Friday night.

The victim has been identified only as Safar, 49.

He was on his way home on his motorcycle after visiting a friend in Jabor prior to the incident.

The victim is believed to have stopped when he spotted the snake crossing the road and then tried to capture the reptile.

However, the snake became aggressive and wrapped itself around the victim’s body and strangled him to death.

According to witness Mohd Yazid Ibrahim, 30, he was on his way home in Kampung Jabor when he heard the victim’s screams for help and upon checking he saw the snake had coiled itself around the victim’s body, from the feet up to his neck.

“We tried to help but the snake acted aggressively and my wife rushed to the village for help,” he said.

The victim suffered multiple injuries after being strangled by the snake for an hour before villagers hacked the reptile to release its death grip.


Oh no! It ate the kitten!

11 May 2016

Twelve-foot-long python caught after feeding on kitten

By Kelly Koh – 10 May 2016 @ 4:24 PM

JASIN: A security guard with Telekom Malaysia here had the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a 12 feet (3.7-metre) long python which had just swallowed a kitten.
Bell Hobri Mohamed, 40 said he was on his routine patrol about 8.50am when he saw the reptile slithering past and seeking refuge in the hollow of a tree at a telecommunications transmission station in Jalan Jasin Bemban, here.
“I was shocked. The snake was huge and I could see part of its body bulging. “I suspect it must have eaten a stray kitten which usually lingers about here.
“The black stray kitten which I sometimes fed and play with, is now nowhere to be seen,” he told the New Straits Times here.
The guard initially did not make any report but finally decided to do so over fears that the snake may attack workers in the station here.

“As soon as I realised what danger a python could pose to humans, I immediately alerted the Civil Defence Department.

Read More :



South China Morning Post

Woman stabs 5-metre python with pocket knife to save her dog’s life in Hong Kong country park

Expat woman reveals how she used husband’s pocket knife to scare off a five-metre snake that wrapped itself around her pet in country park


Sunday May 11, 2014 MYT 1:14:01 PM

Woman fights python to save pet dog in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, May 11, 2014 (AFP) – A woman used a pocket knife to fight off a huge Burmese python which attacked her dog while out walking in a Hong Kong country park, a report said Sunday.

Courtney Link told the Sunday Morning Post the five-metre (16-foot) snake had coiled itself around her 24 kilogram (53-pound) mongrel Dexter last weekend.

“When I suddenly saw the snake’s head, I just started stabbing furiously”, Link said, adding she resorted to using the knife only after hitting the serpent with her fists had failed to make it release the dog.

The snake finally loosened its grip and slithered away, leaving the dog with bite wounds on its chest and legs.


Bathroom horror: Python slithers out of toilet to bite woman at Sims Ave

Posted on 08 May 2014


A woman was sent to the hospital after she was was bitten by a python while using the toilet.

The python had slithered out of a toiletbowl at a unit at Block 826 Sims Avenue last Thursday evening and bit Madam Noraslinda Asat on her thigh.

The housewife, 34, told Shin Min Daily News that she heard a bubbling sound from the toiletbowl while she was seated on it.

Before she could react, she felt a sharp pain in her thigh.

Madam Noraslinda said, “When I looked down, I saw a snake!”

She said the snake was 1.8 metres in length and its teeth were clamped down tightly on her right thigh.

Madam Noraslinda screamed as she stood up and tried to grab the snake but it was too big.

She managed to pull the snake off eventually and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Madam Noraslinda said she felt weak after getting bitten so her husband called for an ambulance.

Straits Times

Python found in pool at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex on…/singapore/…singapore…/python-found-pool-toa…

Apr 29, 2014 – A reticulated python was found in a pool at Toa Payoh swimming … Sport Singapore said a pool operator discovered the snake at about 6am …

Python found in pool at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex on Tuesday morning

Published on Apr 29, 2014 8:45 PM
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– See more at:

Asiaone Singapore

Another python stuck in drain – this time outside St Gabriel’s Primary

A metre-long snake was seen gliding along a drain outside St Gabriel’s Primary School in Lorong Chuan May 9.




30 August 2013| last updated at 11:51PM

7m python shot dead after killing two goats

KUANTAN: A 7m-long python was shot dead after it tried to swallow two goats in Kampung Darat Jering in Sungai Ular on Wednesday.

The goat breeder had to seek help from his neighbour to shoot the python when he saw the reptile attacking a 2-year-old female goat and its week-old kid inside a pen.

Villagers holding the dead 200kg python after it swallowed two goats at Kampung Darat Jering in Sungai Ular, Kuantan, yesterday. Pic by Khairulmizan YahyaRead more: 7m python shot dead after killing two goats – General – New Straits Times

Three-metre snake clings to wing of plane


Published on Jan 10, 2013

Passengers on a Qantas jet flying over Australia got a shock when they spotted a 12ft python clinging on to a wing at 30,000ft.
The plane was around 20 minutes into its flight from Cairns in northern Australia to Papua New Guinea when a female passenger first announced she could see the reptile.
Those on board could only watch as the snake – thought to be a Scrub Python – spent the flight battling to survive in freezing conditions.



The Snake () is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac and related to the Chinese calendar, as well as in related East Asian zodiacal or calendrical systems.

10 February 2013 – 30 January 2014: Water Snake



  • 26 Aug 2012
  • The Star Malaysia

Goat-eating sssurprise for quiet village in Perak

IPOH: A 6m-long python caused a stir in the otherwise quiet Kampung Tanjung Bakung in Malim Nawar when it was spotted after eating a goat.

Hungry intruder: Civil Defence Department personnel measuring the python.A villager discovered the 40kg reptile outside his house at about 6.30pm on Friday.

The snake was believed to have made its way to the village from a nearby forest and had eaten a goat.

Goat-eating sssurprise for quiet village in Perak


Unwanted guest!


06 Julai 2012 | Last updated at 12:09AM

Python ‘checks in’ at hotel


S.O.S.: 12-metre-long snake was believed to have been washed in by flood waters

.The Civil Defence Department team led by Alman Elias with the captured python. Pic by Rahmat Othman

ALOR STAR: APYTHON created havoc when it “checked-in” at a four-star hotel here recently.

A security guard had stumbled upon the four-metre long reptile while making his rounds at about 3am.

It was trapped in a culvert which was linked to a gutter pipe in the hotel’s gas storage room.
Read more: Python ‘checks in’ at hotel – Northern – New Straits Times


Once, in 1972, at the old Bukit Timah campus of the university of Singapore, I visited a friend at his laboratory, which was really a kind of holding place for all sorts of animals that the biologists were studying. There was a python in a cage. It wasn’t big by python standards as it measured only 1.5 meters.

It watched me as I watched it.

When I blew a puff of breath at it, it glared at me, its eyes sending me a clear message, “I’m going to swallow you.” I felt a chill run down my back.

My friend said, “They are never, ever scared.”



06 June 2012 | Last updated at 12:44AM

Python swallows goats

By Jason Gerald John |

MALACCA: A goat breeder in Kampung Paya Redan, Tiang Dua, had the shock of his life when he stumbled upon a python which was devouring two of his livestock.

.Civil Defence personal inducing the snake to split out one of the goats it devoured in Kampung Paya Redan, Tiang Dua,, Melaka. – Mohamad Yatim Latip

Aminul Syukri Darus, 29, said he had gone to feed his goats about 8.30am.

“As I entered the enclosure, I stumbled upon the python which had already devoured a female goat and the reptile was in the midst of swallowing a second female goat.

Read more: Python swallows goats – General – New Straits Times


Python (mythology)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Apollo killing Python. A 1581 engraving by Virgil Solis for Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book I

In Greek mythology, Python (Greek: Πύθων, gen.: Πύθωνος) was the earth-dragon of Delphi, always represented as a serpent. He presided at the Delphic oracle, which existed in the cult center for his mother,  Gaia,”Earth,” Pytho being the place name that was substituted for the earlier Krisa.

Python became the sub-terranean enemy of the later Olympian deity Apollo, who slew him and remade his former home and the oracle as his own.


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