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Child porn and Malaysia: From 3rd to 1st in Asean region. #ShameMalaysia

— MARA chairman: Don’t link Nur Fitri and Huckle. Child rights groups disagree. MARA scholar, convicted of child pornography, is back in Malaysia… This Britisher paedophile came, sexually abused 23 Malaysian children and left. He was caught back in Britain!.. Paedophiles in Malaysia … Continue reading

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The online pimp who earned $2.6 million. Singapore dollars!

— 8 December 2015 … On 7 December 2015, Chew Tiong Wei, 38, who set up the now-defunct Prestige Talents Management, pleaded guilty in court to 28 charges, including living off the immoral earnings of prostitutes, having sex with a … Continue reading

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