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Insulting the photos of people you love to hate: Will it ever stop? Never!

— 14 September 2015 China Press (中國報) 2 hrs · 請速速離開地球!(有視頻) http://www.chinapress.com.my/node/654733 ‪#‎今日中國報‬ See Translation 不滿首相肖像遭踩踏 巫統區會燒林氏父子人偶 | 中國報 不滿淨選盟4.0集會發生踩踏首相肖像事件,巫統地方領袖昨日在一項“人民集會”中,當場焚燒行動黨林氏父子人偶,並將他們當死人祭拜…… chinapress.com.my — Malaysiakini Police to probe Kota Bharu Umno effigy burning Police will investigate the burning of effigies of DAP … Continue reading

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