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Yea, BN has sacked Annuar Musa as Secretary-General and replaced him with Ahmad Ahmad Maslan…

.. FT minister @AnnuarMusa has been removed as BN Secgen after clashing with his party leadership that insists on going it alone in the next GE. Umno supreme council to decide tmrw evening whether an order will be issued for … Continue reading

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Ahmad Maslan: After BN lost GE 14…

… Ahmad Maslan @ahmadmaslan MT UMNO, MP Pontian. Berjuang demi Agama, Bangsa & Tanahair (ABATA) agar rakyat Malaysia tanpa mengira kaum maju & berjaya Pontian Joined November 2009 … **KALAU lah sultan Johor ada kuasa boleh lantik orang ni jadi … Continue reading

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Ahmad Maslan: Commander of the new UMNO cyber army…

— UMNO Cybertroopers’ doctored version of Forbes 2016 Ranking of Malaysia’s 50 Richest! … December 2018 Aww…‏ @SiamLaksa Replying to @ahmadmaslan #bahanjenaka @umnoonline sudah kasi balik kepada kerajaan itu RM2 juta ? #RezekiHalal.   … Is Ahmad Maslan a victim of fake news? 4 January 2018 … Continue reading

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Ahmad Maslan changes his hashtag from #2Kerja to #tambahpendapatan BUT THEY’RE STILL MOCKING HIM!

— Hashtags used for Ahmad Maslan: #Twitterjaya‘s #TwitOfTheYear 2015; #TweetGayaAhmadMaslan #ahmadmaslanlogic #ComedianMinister #PrayForAhmadMaslan — #2Kerja #ComedianMinister gives ‘brilliant’ advice: Work 2 jobs. But we already work 2 jobs, so work 3 jobs? No, he has 4 jobs, maybe more… Laugh your … Continue reading

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FAKE Ahmad Maslan Facebook Page: Visit it before it’s taken down!

https://www.facebook.com/ahmadmaslan?fref=ts — 1 July 2015 malaysiakini.com ‏@malaysiakini 1h1 hour ago Ahmad Maslan fumes over FB impersonation http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/303697  @ahmadmaslan … Deputy Finance Minister I Ahmad Maslan today has disclaimed responsibility over a purported Twitter post quoting him saying that many … Continue reading

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