Pardon me, Najib Razak, but no Royal Pardon. Not at this time, anyway


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Three rationales why Bossku’s royal pardon hits a major stumbling block

30 Apr 2023 • 9:15 AM MYT

Focus Malaysia

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In fact, reliable sources had earlier hinted that the present Agong is unlikely to grant the royal pardon to Najib due to possibly a number of reasons.

Firstly, the incarcerated former Pekan MP has only been in prison for less than a year. This – being a case of public interest – would make a mockery of both the palace and the nation if Najib’s crime was granted a royal pardon.

Secondly, Najib’s first appeal was already made last year, hence a subsequent appeal could only be granted once every two years.

Thirdly, the SRC International case is not the only case that Najib is involved in. With a number of other on-going cases – if Najib were to be found guilty – he would have to serve the full prison term. One can only receive a royal pardon once – not twice or more.

Therefore, Najib for now would have to sit still until his opportunity for a royal pardon comes knocking on the door – and that is – also if he shows true remorse.

Above all else, this is not about the Agong’s whims and fancies but the wise King is well-aware that Malaysians are fed up with the prospect of another national poll so soon after the recent one on Nov 19 last year. – April 30, 2023


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