2016: Siberian tiger kills one and mauls another at the Badaling Wildlife World, Beijing


*No, it wasn’t a quarrel with her husband that made her step out of the car. She was feeling car sick.



The tiger that jolted China’s Internet

Updated 10:29, 28-Jun-2018

The younger woman was not only severely injured, her reputation was shredded online. She was ridiculed for stepping out of her car, with many alleging that she did so in a rage after an argument with her husband. 

She remained silent during her recovery amid all the abuse, until her father revealed three months later that she got out of the vehicle because she was feeling carsick. This did little to abate the online attacks. 

“She wasn’t killed by the tiger, but rather by online comments,” said Pan Caifu, a media person at a Chinese talk show. The online rumormongering no doubt made the incident even more painful. 

Meanwhile, the extent to which the safari park should be held responsible for the incident was barely discussed online. 

A government investigation report published later in August said the woman shall primarily be responsible for the accident since she didn’t follow the safety instruction of the park. The woman and her family couldn’t accept the result and filed a lawsuit against the park.





Beijing tiger attack: Whose fault is it?


Dec 21, 2017 A court in Beijing Tuesday began a long-awaited hearing into whether Beijing Badaling Wildlife Park was responsible for a tiger attack that injured a woman surnamed Zhao and killed her mother. On November 15, 2016, Zhao and her father sued the park, and asked for 1.55 million yuan in compensation. However, the park said it had fulfilled its obligations of warning visitors, acting immediately during the accident and paying for the initial medical and accommodation fees on humanitarian grounds. The verdict will be announced at a later date. Chinese netizens reacted with a combination of shock and outrage. Who is to blame? The park or the victims?


The Science Times

Siberian Tiger Mauls Woman After She Gets Out of Car; How Aggressive Are Big Cats? [WATCH]

Caleb WhiteApr 27, 2023 10:00 AM EDT

What Really Happened in the Video?

The incident happened in 2016. According to The New York Times, the family was in a Beijing animal park, Badaling Wildlife World, in a section that allows people to drive their vehicles.

Her husband and the other woman – who was later identified as the woman’s mother – jumped out in an attempt to rescue her. The woman who was first attacked was badly injured, but her mom, who tried to save her, was mauled to death.

The husband was uninjured, and so did their child, who remained inside the vehicle.



CBS News

Video captures woman dragged by tiger after stepping out of car

Updated on: July 24, 2016 / 5:37 PM / CBS/AP

BEIJINGSiberian tigers at a wildlife park in Beijing mauled a woman to death and wounded another when they stepped out of their car in an enclosure, a Chinese state-run newspaper said.

A tiger pounced on one of the women after she got out of a private car in which she was touring the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday, the Legal Evening News reported.

The second woman was killed by another tiger that leapt at her after she stepped out of the vehicle to try to help her companion, the report said.

Video footage shows the first woman stepping out of a car, and the tiger pouncing on her. The tiger drags the woman just out of view of the camera, as another woman runs out of the car to help.

The Yanqing district government confirmed in an official microblog post that the tiger attack took place at the park, which lies at the foot of the Great Wall. It offered few details but said the injured person was being treated.



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