Sarah Bils, ex U.S. Navy officer, is Donbass Devushka (Donbass Girl), a pro-Russia social media account


The Russian propagandist “Donbass Devushka” here on Twitter turned out not to be Russian at all.

37-year-old Sarah Bils served at the U.S. naval air station on Whidbey Island until late last year, while glorifying the Russian military and cooperating with the Wagner Group.



The Russian propagandist “Donbass Devushka” from Donbass was in reality a military vet from New Jersey receiving money from pro-Trump sources. There is a Russian fifth column in the U.S. denigrating all things American turning patriots to traitors.

“By the summer of 2022, despite the fact that her audience numbered only tens of thousands of people, she started hosting a podcast in which the guests were American propagandists Jackson Hinkle, Scott Ritter, Garland Nixon and Russian state media journalist Fiorella Izabel.”

In her Telegram channel she published memes, doctored images and ultra-violent content, for example joy over the killing of a retired US Marine who went to Ukraine as a foreign volunteer and a video of a Ukrainian prisoner of war beheaded by Russian mercenaries.

In January 2023, Jack Teixeira shared hundreds of secret documents on his Discord server. The originals showed Russian losses far exceeded Ukrainian ones, while a poorly edited version on Donbass Devushka’s Telegram channel showed the opposite.

“Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson used the edited version, distributed in the Telegram channel, to state that Ukraine has a ratio of troop losses of 7 to 1 and is “losing the war”.  The fake versions were spread by pro-Kremlin propagandists.”





A major disinformation and Russian propaganda channel called “Donbass Devushka”, which published a fake version of “secret Pentagon documents,” is hosted by a former U.S. Navy officer who was recently discharged from military service. The “Mila Girl from Luhansk,” who hosts…

A major disinformation and Russian propaganda channel called “Donbass Devushka”, which published a fake version of “secret Pentagon documents,” is hosted by a former U.S. Navy officer who was recently discharged from military service.

The “Mila Girl from Luhansk,” who hosts podcasts with pro-Kremlin propagandists, turned out to be Sarah Bils, a divorced American from New Jersey. She was exposed by members of the “North Atlantic Fella Organization” (#NAFO), an online community that fights Russian propaganda.

On Twitter, “Donbass Devushka” posted filtered photos of herself and wrote that her name was Mila.
NAFO collated the photos and other information from one of the podcast videos and found out that her real name is Sarah Bils, but she had recently officially changed it to another, more Russian name.

Bils is a former U.S. Navy officer, recently discharged from active duty.

Bils herself claims she was “kicked out” of the military because of her “leftist views.” Former associates have expressed concern about her mental health and have called her a habitual liar. Beals’ mother claimed that her daughter often made up stories.

On social media, “Donbass Devushka” claimed she was traveling between the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don and the Ukrainian city of Luhansk in 2014, but in reality, Bils was suing her ex-husband in Oak Harbor at the time.

When Russia began a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Bils created several Twitter accounts and added Telegram in April.

Her Telegram channel publishes more “banned” Twitter content, including memes, fake images, and ultra-violence: such as cheering the killing of a U.S. volunteer who went to Ukraine, videos of dead Ukrainians, and supporting videos of a Ukrainian POW being beheaded by Russian mercenaries from the “Wagner” PMC.

In January 2023 Jack Teixeira of the Massachusetts National Guard shared hundreds of classified documents on his Discord server. The Bellingcat investigation revealed the distribution of documents from Teixeira’s Discord to 4Chan, Telegram and Twitter. Two versions of the key documents were distributed: one showed that Russian losses far exceeded Ukrainian ones, and the other badly edited version showed the opposite. Belligcat claims that the falsified versions were created by the Telegram channel “Donbass Devushka”, but Bils denies this claim.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson used the faked version circulated on “Donbass Devushka’s” Telegram channel to claim that Ukraine had a 7-to-1 troop loss ratio and is “losing the war” (video). The faked versions were spread by pro-Kremlin propagandists, and “Donbass Devushka” began supporting the well-known Z-channel. In November 2022, The Bell journalists found out that this channel received money from Yevgeny Prigozhin (head pf the PMC “Wagner”) and could be linked to the FSB.


#NAFO earns a mention in @WSJ for unmasking Sarah Bils, aka Donbass Devushka. They also managed to interview her and got her to admit she hasn’t given any of the money she grifted to “efforts to help our [russian] men at the front” as she promised when asking for donations.


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