Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines, Huang Xilian, threatens the safety of the 150,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Taiwan





Palace should urge Beijing to recall ambassador over ‘disgraceful statements’ – Hontiveros

April 16, 2023 | 4:18pm

MANILA, Philippines (Updated 7:04 p.m.) — Sen. Risa Hontiveros has urged the Palace to tell Beijingto recall Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian after he “advised” the Philippines against supporting Taiwan if the country “cares genuinely” about the overseas Filipino workers in the self-governing island.

The senator emphasized that the Philippines will not allow China to “decide on the future of Filipino families.” There are around 150,000 OFWs working in Taiwan. 

“He has no business being a diplomat if he is unable to engage with us in a respectful and dignified manner. He, along with his country’s ships and artificial islands in the West Philippine Sea, should pack up and leave,” Hontiveros said in a statement on Sunday.

Hontiveros also pointed out that the country “will never interfere” with the Taiwan issue. 

“We, in the Philippines, respect the right of the Taiwanese people to self-determination, and this right must be upheld by all other nations that share this planet, even including the autocratic regime of China,” she added.


China to PH: Oppose Taiwan independence if you care for 150k OFWs

By GMA Integrated News

Published April 14, 2023 7:58pm

China has “advised” the Philippines to oppose Taiwan independence instead of offering the US access to its military facilities near the Taiwan strait, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian said on Friday.

This, Huang said, if the Philippines cared for the 150,000 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Taiwan.

“The Taiwan question is entirely China’s internal affair, as is the Mindanao issue to the Philippines. You will never allow any third party to meddle with resolving rebel issues in Mindanao,” Huang said on Raffy Tima’s report on “24 Oras”.

“Philippines is advised to unequivocally oppose ‘Taiwan Independence’ rather than stoking the fire by offering the US access to the military bases near the Taiwan Strait if you care genuinely about the 150,000 OFWs,” he added.

The envoy reiterated that the US intends to use the additional Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) sites to push for its own interests and agenda “at the expense of peace and development of the Philippines and the region at large.”

Signed in 2014, the EDCA grants US troops access to designated Philippine military facilities and allows them to build facilities, and preposition equipment, aircraft, and vessels. Permanent basing is prohibited.

The five existing EDCA locations are Antonio Bautista Air Base in Palawan, Basa Air Base in Pampanga, Fort Magsaysay in Nueva Ecija, Mactan-Benito Ebuen Air Base in Cebu, and Lumbia Air Base in Cagayan de Oro City.

The new EDCA sites designated by the two sides are in Balabac Island in Palawan and in Naval Base Camilo Osias in Sta Ana, Cagayan; Lal-lo Airport in Lal-lo, Cagayan; and Camp Melchor Dela Cruz in Gamu, Isabela which are both near Taiwan and Benham Rise.

The last three are in the northern portion of Luzon, closer to Taiwan.

“Obviously, the US intends to take advantage of the new EDCA sites to interfere in the situation across the Taiwan strait to serve its geopolitical goals, and advance its anti-China agenda at the expense of peace and development of the Philippines and the region at large,” Huang said.

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