Andrew Sia: Love is punished, but not corruption and hatred


After the sex video of a young Johor couple in a Perodua Axia went viral, the police arrested the couple, made them wear orange baju & yes, HANDCUFFED them like they were violent bank robbers. But did the police react so swiftly to the viral audio of Moodin talking about buying over MPs with Ministers & GLC posts?

Oh, but God, help the young and powerless when they are caught making love in a car. The couple now face two years jail for the crime of “gross indecency”. Compare this to the real “gross indecency” of Malu Apa Bossku stealing the rakyat’s m/billions…did he ever wear the orange baju? Handcuffs?

What is the “real” crime of this couple? Both were mutually consenting people, above 16, so there was no rape involved. They were non-Muslims, so there was no question of Islamic zina (fornication).

They were doing their own thing, in their own car. What this couple was really “guilty” of is that they failed to get a budget hotel room — or a room on wheels with tinted windows called a Toyota Vellfire 😅😅

The Johor couple were making love, not war. Unlike the PAS Youths in Terengganu who did a “cosplay” in February as Islamic warriors with make-believe swords and spears. If they carried replica AK-47s, they would be emulating other holy warriors…. called the Taliban.

No PAS leaders have been punished despite preaching hatred. Like when Holy Hadi claimed that non-bumis are the main “roots for corruption”.

Sadly, in this country, those who practise corruption and those who preach racial hatred often get off Scot-free. But those who make love in a car will feel the full vengeance of the system.

Summary of my article in MalaysiaKini today 🙏


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