John Chan and Kenny Chan, two Old Pinks who demonstrated against Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen



So who are these two “old pink” Chinese Americans? L: John Chan (陳善莊/陈善庄), chairman of Asian American Community Empowerment (美国亚裔社团联合总会) R: Kenny Chan (陳鍵榕/陈键榕), Chairman of United Overseas Fujianese Association of America (美国福建侨联总会) 1/n

John Chan was born in China Fujian and has been in the US for 30+ years. He’s the owner of Golden Imperial Palace (金皇廷) Chinese restaurant. As a community leader in Brooklyn, he is also chairman of American Chinese Commerce Association and a bunch of other Chinese groups. 2/n

John Chan has close ties with China’s Consul General in New York Huang Ping (黄屏). 3/n

John Chan, Kenny Chan and a bunch of other Chinese Americans were there welcoming Huang Ping and his wife at the JFK International Airport when Huang arrived in New York as the new consul general in 2018. 4/n

Kenny Chan owns the pro-Beijing news outlet The Voice of Chinese (中国侨声). He’s currently chairman of 全美反独促统联盟总会, a United Front group — formed in 2010 with the blessing of Chinese consulate general in New York — that opposes Taiwan, Tibet and Xinjiang independence. 5/n





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