Singapore: Fight at Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road


Lucky Plaza is a shopping centre located in Orchard in Singapore. Built by developer Far East Organization, Lucky Plaza was completed in 1981 and has proven to be one of the most successful shopping centres in Singapore. Wikipedia




Wong Shiying

Updated 16 Mins Ago

SINGAPORE – Three men aged between 31 and 52 have been arrested following a brawl at Lucky Plaza on Sunday evening.

The police on Wednesday said the fight, which took place around 8.30pm, involved five men and two women. The men are aged 31 to 63 while the women are 41 and 44.

Two women and two men, aged between 52 and 55, were conscious when taken to hospital.

“A 52-year-old man was subsequently arrested for affray. Two men, aged 31 and 37, were arrested for affray and public nuisance,” the police added.

The remaining people involved are assisting with investigations.

A video clip of the fight circulating online shows at least four police officers trying to keep the people involved from lunging at one another.

At one point, two men are seen hitting each other and one falls to the ground. Shouts of “relax”, “no” and “stop” can be heard during the commotion.


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