Lim Guan Eng files a defamation suit against Muhyiddin Yassin over the latter’s remarks on the revocation of Al-Bukhary Foundation’s tax exemption


Lim is seeking a public apology from Muhyiddin and a retraction of all the defamatory statements made against him.

He is also seeking general, aggravated, and punitive damages which is to be assessed and determined by the court.

The plaintiff also wanted the court to issue an injunction to restrain the defendant from issuing or publishing the impugned statements.



By Rahmat Khairulrijal – March 27, 2023 @ 12:37pm

KUALA LUMPUR: Former finance minister Lim Guan Eng has filed a defamation suit against Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin over the latter’s remarks on the revocation of Al-Bukhary Foundation’s tax exemption.

Lim, who is Bagan member of parliament, filed the suit via Messr. Guok Partnership at the High Court today and named Muhyiddin, who is Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia president and former prime minister as the sole defendant.

On March 9, Muhyiddin had, in a statement after being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), alleged that the Pakatan Harapan government had revoked the tax exemption for the foundation.

The Pagoh MP claimed that Lim, during his tenure as the finance minister, was the one responsible for the revocation.

The DAP chairman in his statement of claim said the impugned statement was aimed to achieve cheap publicity and at the same time trying to deflect the public attention by pushing unjustified and false claims against him.

“The contents were published in the defendant’s Facebook account and were viewed by many viewers and commented on by many readers.

“This impugned statement depicted the plaintiff had abused his position and power by instructing the Inland Revenue Board to impose tax and penalties on a welfare foundation when such foundation is not liable to be taxed.

“The statement also depicted the plaintiff as racist, anti-Malay and anti-Islam by intentionally targetting Yayasan Al-Bukhary,” the statement said.

Lim claimed that the statement also portrayed him as a vindictive person and had acted in bad faith by abusing his power.

“The publication of all the defamatory statements by the defendants have gravely injured plaintiff’s reputation as a seasoned and respected politician in this country.

“The impugned statements also caused embarrassment, distress and considerable hurt to the plaintiff’s feelings,” the statement read.

The statement claimed that the Finance Ministry on March 23 issued a press release and confirmed that neither the ormer finance minister nor its officers had revoked the tax exemption status accorded to Yayasan Al-Bukhary.





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