Hannah Yeoh: PAS defamed me again; Kelantan reps themselves agreed to host Sukma in 2028



PAS defamed me again: Yeoh

K’tan reps themselves agreed to host Sukma in 2028, says sports minister

Updated 56 seconds ago · Published on 17 Mar 2023 9:39PM

KUALA LUMPUR – Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh has lambasted PAS Youth chief Mohamad Kamal Mohamed for allegedly accusing her of denying Kelantan’s rights to host the 2028 Malaysian Games (Sukma).

Yeoh was referring to Kamal’s statement to Harakahdaily titled Guna Kuasa: Giliran Sukma Kelantan Dinafikan Lagi (Abuse of power: Kelantan denied hosting Sukma).

“PAS defamed me again. We at KBS did not deny Kelantan’s right to host Sukma,” she said.

Yeoh said that it was decided that Sarawak will host Sukma next year and that the National Sports Council (NSC) will organise the 2026 edition, while Kelantan will host the 2028 games.

According to Yeoh, representatives from Kelantan were present at the meeting and agreed to host Sukma in 2028, citing that the state would need sufficient time to prepare for the biennial games.

Meanwhile, Yeoh has lodged a police report against Kamal. 

Earlier, Kamal alleged that Kelantan was denied the chance to host the Sukma due to the political games played by the unity government.

“This DAP minister is well-known for using her powers in the shadows.

“The youth in Kelantan will remember today as the day the state was denied the rights to host Sukma because of political interference,” Kamal was quoted by Harakahdaily.




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