Elon Musk’s latest project “Free Jacob Chansley” is gaining support on Twitter (which he owns) but will fail


The televised footage used by Elon Musk lacks the context of what occurred before and after the footage. Chansley entered the building as part of a violent crowd. Jacob Chansley was not a casual tourist.





Prosecutors say Tucker Carlson omitted key Jan. 6 footage of ‘QAnon Shaman’

by Zach Schonfeld – 03/13/23 11:58 AM ET

Federal prosecutors said footage that Fox News host Tucker Carlson aired last week of the “QAnon Shaman” during the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol lacks context, according to newly filed court documents.

The Justice Department said the footage aired by Carlson, which showed rioter Jacob Chansley, who is better known in the media as the “QAnon Shaman,” walking in the Capitol unimpeded by a group of officers who followed him, only spanned four minutes out of about an hour he spent in the building.

“The televised footage lacks the context of what occurred before and after the footage. Chansley entered the building as part of a violent crowd,” prosecutors said.

Chansley, who gained attention for wearing face paint and a horned headdress during the riot, pleaded guilty to obstruction in 2021 and was sentenced to 41 months in prison. 

“The televised footage shows Chansley’s movements only from approximately 2:56 p.m. to 3:00 p.m,” prosecutors said. “Prior to that time, Chansley had, amongst other acts, breached a police line at 2:09 p.m. with the mob, entered the Capitol less than one minute behind Pezzola during the initial breach of the building, and faced off with members of the U.S. Capitol Police for more than thirty minutes in front of the Senate Chamber doors while elected officials, including the Vice President of the United States, were fleeing from the chamber,” 

“Chansley then entered the Senate Gallery, where he proceeded to scream obscenities while other rioters rifled through the desks of U.S. Senators on the floor below,” the filing continued. “All these actions were captured by Senate floor and/or CCTV cameras.”





“Free Jacob Chansley,” said Musk.

By Matt Binder  on March 11, 2023

With Tesla’s competition(Opens in a new tab) heating up, an impossible-to-meet Neuralink deadline, and tanking(Opens in a new tab) Twitter revenues, one would think that Elon Musk has his hands full. But, fresh off publicly demeaning a well-respected former employee and questioning the disability that the worker has, Musk has taken up a new project.

For the past day, the billionaire CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has taken to Twitter to defend Jacob Chansley, better known as the QAnon Shaman. Chansely is one of the more recognizable figures from the storming of the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, where he and thousands of others attempted to overturn the presidential election results and declare Donald Trump the winner.

“Free Jacob Chansley,” Musk tweeted(Opens in a new tab) on Friday about the right-wing conspiracy theorist who joined the pro-Trump mob in breaking into the Capitol building. 

Musk included a video in his post showing Chansley in his now-infamous QAnon Shaman getup including face paint, horned helmet, and fur cap. In the video, Chansley reads out a Trump tweet from the end of the day on Jan. 6 telling his supporters to leave the Capitol and go home. Chansley announces that he’s going to abide by Trump’s request in the clip.

In another tweet, Musk shared an additional clip aired on Fox New’s Tucker Carlson Tonight that shows Chansley following Capitol police as he enters the Senate floor.

“Chansley got 4 years in prison for a non-violent, police-escorted tour!?” Musk said(Opens in a new tab) in the tweet, repeating the same language that the Fox News host used in the clip. “Dave Chapelle was violently assaulted on stage by a guy with a knife. That guy got a $3000 fine & no prison time.”

Musk’s recent statements about Jan. 6 come after Republicans, who now control the House, provided hours of previously unseen security camera footage to Fox News’ Carlson. The host has been running multiple segments this past week showing cherry-picked footage of moments where the pro-Trump mob, who broke down doors and windows to enter the Capitol building that day, were shuffling around inside the building and not actively acting out violently in the moment.

However, like Carlson, Musk has misportrayed what went on to his audience of more than 130 million Twitter followers.

Much of what is seen in this footage has previously been portrayed via clips taken from those inside the building and has been publicly available. In the month following the Jan. 6 insurrection, Capitol police investigated(Opens in a new tab) dozens of officers due to the footage being shared on social media showing cops escorting and aiding the rioters.

While Chansley’s eccentric costume certainly shaped the media coverage around him, he was one of the first to enter the building that day. In a video(Opens in a new tab) shown at his trial, Chansley can be seen with the group breaking windows at the Capitol building. He is also visible entering through one of the doors that were broken into. In addition, Chansley left behind a “threatening(Opens in a new tab)” letter for then-Vice President Mike Pence at the Capitol building.

As for the “unseen” video of Chansley telling rioters to go home at the behest of Trump, that too has long been accessible online. In fact, just one month after the storming of the Capitol, Rep. Diana DeGette entered footage(Opens in a new tab) of Chansley’s reading of Trump’s tweet into the Congressional record in order to show that then-President Trump was able to control the mob and could have ended the riots earlier if he so chose to.

Additional footage(Opens in a new tab) of Chansley reciting Trump’s tweet was played last summer at a Jan. 6 hearing. This moment was also captured in the final report(Opens in a new tab) from the Jan. 6 Committee.

Chansley eventually plead guilty in November 2021 to “one count of obstruction of an official proceeding,” a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison. The man known as the QAnon Shaman is currently serving a 41-month sentence. Also, contrary to Musk’s claim, the man who attempted to stab comedian Dave Chappelle was sentenced(Opens in a new tab) to jail for 270 days.



Elon Musk thought it was unfair to jail the ‘QAnon Shaman’ who broke into the Capitol, but the DOJ says none of the footage was withheld and Tucker Carlson only showed 4 minutes of it

Lloyd Lee

Mar 13, 2023, 12:09 PM

  • A Proud Boy wants to dismiss his seditious-conspiracy case based on Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6 footage.
  • The DOJ responded on Sunday that all of the footage was already provided during discovery.
  • Elon Musk previously suggested there was a miscarriage of justice by jailing the “QAnon Shaman.”






Fox News host Tucker Carlson is being criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for using new video of the Jan. 6 riots to downplay the violence that left five people dead. Carlson also said in text messages he “passionately” hates former President Trump, legal documents show. NBC’s Ryan Nobles reports for TODAY.

March 8, 2023






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