Kangar: Lance-corporal shoots dead his wife in their bedroom


Did he love her too much or not enough?





KANGAR: A housewife was allegedly shot dead by her Lance Corporal-ranked husband here early this morning.

Kangar District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Yusharifuddin Mohd Yusop, said the 6am shooting took place at the couple’s residence in Kampung Bendang Baru, Simpang Empat, Jalan Kangar-Alor Star.

He said the policeman’s wife died immediately.

“The incident happened after the suspect, who is from Terengganu, had just finished his shift. According to a witness, who was his (suspect’s) father-in-law, he suddenly took out his Walter P99 pistol and shot his wife.

“The suspect allegedly fired over five shots at close range, hitting the face, in the left eye, causing immediate death,” he said at the Kangar District Police Headquarters, today.

He said once the shooting began the suspect’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, as well as a nephew who lived in the house fled.



Wife shot dead by Lance Corporal husband

05 Mar 2023 05:09pm

KANGAR – A woman is believed to have been shot dead by her husband, a police Lance Corporal, in an early morning incident in Kampung Bendang Baru, Simpang Empat near here today.

Kangar District Police Chief Assistant Commissioner Yusharifuddin Mohd Yusop said the police received a report of the incident at 7.26 am.




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