Was the man mowed down intentionally by the two men whom he had asked to turn down the volume of their car speakers?



The Star

Melaka man killed for asking to turn down the music


Wednesday, 01 Mar 2023 8:39 AM MYT

MELAKA: A 57-year-old man was allegedly mowed down by two men after the victim asked one of them to turn down the volume of his car’s speakers.

The victim’s son who spoke on the condition of anonymity claimed that his father had confronted the two men for causing a nuisance by playing music loudly inside their vehicle at about 2.45am on Monday (Feb 27).

“I believe the two men were intoxicated at that point in time,” he said when interviewed here on Wednesday (March 1).

The son alleged that he had initially asked the two to stop playing loud music at a parking bay that is located behind Plaza Malim here.

He said the loud music was disrupting the peace of his family who is living in a village on Jalan Pokok Mangga here, which is next to the parking bay.

“The two left the site at first and returned back before continuing to play the music loudly by parking their vehicle at the same spot,” he said.

The son said his late dad and he went again to the site to tell the two men not to create a disturbance in the wee hours of the morning.

However, he claimed the two men became agitated and attempted to mow him down at first but he managed to run into a restaurant to save himself.

“My father was then rammed and dragged for 20m which caused serious injuries to him,” he claimed.

The son said he contacted an ambulance when he saw his father’s condition while the suspects fled the scene.

“My father succumbed to his injuries at 2pm on Tuesday (Feb 28) at the Melaka Hospital,” he added.



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