Scientific evidence shows that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are effective; their benefits outweigh their risks, contrary to claim by Retsef Levi – Health Feedback



COVID-19 mRNA vaccines don’t work and are causing serious harm, including death


SOURCE: Retsef Levi, Twitter, 31 Jan. 2023  


Inadequate support: In the study co-authored by Levi, the authors didn’t have information about the vaccination status of the people who’d developed heart problems. It’s impossible to reliably associate these heart problems with vaccination when it’s unknown whether these people were vaccinated in the first place.
Cherry-picking: Levi’s tweet ignored multiple other published studies showing that COVID-19 vaccination isn’t associated with a higher mortality rate, heart attacks or abnormal heart rhythm, while uncritically citing studies with methodological issues that appear to support his claim.


While COVID-19 vaccines are associated with a higher risk of myocarditis, this risk is higher in people who get COVID-19. Moreover, COVID-19 is associated with a host of health problems, of which heart problems are just one. By reducing the risk of infection and severe disease in people, COVID-19 vaccines offer many benefits that go beyond just preventing COVID-associated heart problems. As such, the vaccines’ benefit outweighs their risk.

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