KKM: The COVID-19 vaccine does not contain a microchip as claimed by ‘Cik Notes’ on Facebook


The Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) through the National Pharmacy Regulatory Division takes seriously the claims of the owner of the Facebook account “Cik Notes” which went viral and linked the administration of vaccines with ID Chips.

Based on NPRA’s assessment, the COVID-19 vaccine product registered with the Drug Control Authority (PBKD), KKM is safe, quality and effective, and the COVID-19 vaccine does not contain microchips as claimed.

The list of ingredients in vaccine products can be consulted on the side of the product packaging via the NPRA website ( http://npra.gov.my ) Main page > consumer > product search > product name.

The public is advised not to speculate by publicizing illegal news content with the aim of creating anxiety among the community.



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