Foo Siang Heng aka F(i)SH: Rabbitfish (Pek Tor)


Rabbitfish (Pek Tor)

Pek Tor, Teochew for white belly
Belongs to the rabbitfish family
A ‘must-have’ at Lunar New Year
Despite costing very dear

With coming of the new moon
Fish will become gravid soon
With belly full of milt or roe
Flesh is sweet, white as dough

Steamed skilfully to perfection
Dip in spicy sauce combination
Believe epicurean feast brings
Prosperity, Heaven’s blessings

With the usual loud shouting
Of Huat Ah! and Yam Seng
Amid the wining-dining glee
Wishes of ‘Nian nian you yu’

‘Yu’ is Mandarin for excess
Phonetically it more or less
Also sounds like word for fish
A ‘fish’ embodied in a NY wish


年年有余 (Nian Nian You Yu) is an expression commonly used during the Chinese New Year to wish people
an abundance and surplus every year.

余 (surplus) shares the same pronunciation with 鱼 (fish), making fish a must-have dish on Chinese dining tables every New Year.


In this Year of the Water Rabbit, eat the Rabbit Fish for good luck & prosperity.🐇🐟


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