Reposting a thread by fiqah @fiqahdarisabah, “Pelajar saman guru demi #PendidikanBersih”




Pelajar saman guru demi #PendidikanBersih. It started with guru ponteng of up to 7 months. But the trial has revealed many more disturbing problems of misconduct and blatant bullying of students (+ whistleblowing teachers) within the institution of public education. (1/12)

The trial started on 5 September 2022. Tomorrow and Wednesday (10-11 January 2023), we expect the plaintiffs to wrap up on their side. Then we will finally hear from the defendants as they try to argue that the teacher (and the whole education institution) did no wrong. (2/12)

This all started with extreme teacher absenteeism of up to 7 months – almost an entire school year where these students from rural Kota Belud were robbed of English lessons. And the teacher continued to makan gaji that whole time. No action taken against him. (3/12)

Why saman? Because when students complained using proper channels no action was taken. They did not even receive a substitute teacher. Instead, they were asked to fake the teacher’s attendance record to cover up for the guru ponteng. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. (4/12)

Since trial started on 5/9/22, witnesses (former students) have told the court that they were asked to “let it go” when they complained about their guru ponteng. Other teachers asked them to study on their own. (5/12)

And when it came to exam time, the guru ponteng gave them leaked questions instead of delivering lessons. (6/12)

The school principal even called them stupid when the students raised the issue of guru ponteng. (7/12)

When a whistleblowing teacher supported the students, the teacher received death threats. Even good teachers are not protected by the system. It’s more important to cover up wrongdoing than tell the truth. Mana #PendidikanBersih? (8/12)

A clinical psychologist told the court that the students are traumatised from bullying, oppression, and corruption that this case has brought to light. What is public education doing to our students? Our future? (9/12)

When @tiadaguru

advocates for CORRUPTION-FREE and QUALITY education, this is what we mean. http://Tiada.Guru wants to see an end to collusion, protection of misbehaving teachers, and bullying of students + honest teachers who dare to call out corrupt practices. (10/12)

Not-so-fun fact: 55.4% of teacher misconduct cases = absent from duty. Imagine how many cases of guru ponteng/tidak hadir mengajar exist throughout Malaysia? And of course the worst victims are rural school students. (11/12)

Our future generation deserves #PendidikanBersih. Schools should be a safe space for students to learn and grow. End corruption in education. Don’t take the youths’ future away from them. (12/12)



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