Did you know that you are not allowed to play loud music, sing or dance in the MRT in Singapore?



‘Inconsiderate’ passengers blast music on portable speaker, sing along on NEL train

Ong Su Mann

Jan 11, 2023 04:35 pm

“Na na na na every day…”

A group of passengers was caught on video singing along to the song Replay by British Virgin Islands singer Iyaz played on their speaker on the MRT train.

A Stomper who shared the four-second video said it happened on the North-East Line on Dec 27.

The video shows two men and a woman bopping to the song with the woman even busting out a dance move. Another man can be seen holding up a wireless portable speaker.

“Most of the people were looking at them. I feel that they must respect the other people inside the train because they were so noisy.”


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