Photoshopped photo used in attempt to portray Joe Biden as touching a little boy inappropriately: Watch the video to see the truth



Fact Check: Biden DID NOT behave inappropriately with child, viral pic is photoshopped

A picture of US President Joe Biden with a child was shared with a claim that Biden behaved inappropriately with the boy. However, we found that the viral picture is photoshopped.

Dheeshma Puzhakkal

New Delhi,UPDATED: Jan 1, 2023 07:10 IST

The significant difference between the two images is the positioning of Biden’s hands and the point at which the boy stood. The boy in the original photo was cut out and moved up, so as to place his shirt over Biden’s hand. In fact, Biden’s right hand was also cut out. Although it was done so badly, a part of it is still visible if you look closely. At the same time, the other boy standing behind the boy talking to Biden was completely photoshopped out. If you compare the fence and the road in that part of the photos, you can see blurriness in the viral photo there.


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