Pro Beijing White Monkeys, Brian Berletic and Angelo Giuliano, attack Anwar Ibrahim, and also Sarawak Report


‘White Monkeys’ is the nick name I give to white foreigners who sell themselves to China.


Brian Berletic aka Tony Cartalucci is a pro Beijing blogger.


Angelo Giulano is based in China. Propagandist for China.


Sarawak Report

How Conspiracy Propaganda Pollutes The Internet

  • 5 Dec 2022

A lengthy video is being circulated online round KL in which two self-styled ‘American geo-political analysts’ attack the new Malaysian PM for being allegedly ‘anti-China’ and a tool of ‘US imperialism’.

Part of the rambling attack on Anwar by these relative unknowns consists of denials that the previous BN government had been corrupt or that the 1MDB scandal was genuine.

The self-podcasters concerned are a conspiracy ‘vlogger’ who names himself Brian Berletic/Tony Cartalucci and his guest, Angelo Giuliano, a regular critic of ‘western imperialism’ on Russia’s state TV station

Indeed, the vloggers spend several minutes complaining that the 1MDB scandal was a fabrication concocted by the author of this blog acting as an alleged agent of secret services from the USA.

They appear to conclude from some ‘deep research’ that no money was stolen and the whole expose was merely a lie to tarnish an innocent Najib …. so that many years later, after so many ups and downs, Anwar could become PM and pursue an alleged anti-China agenda.

Tell that to Goldman Sachs because they will be asking for the return of their fines, as will numerous other global banks and organisations who have likewise admitted to money laundering offences over the $5 billion that were first borrowed and then stolen by Najib and Jho Low.

Our response to this interesting interpretation of the worldwide scandal? Let’s put it this way, one can confidently conclude that the apparently prolific online self-podcaster ‘Brian Joseph Thomas Berletic’ has no degree from any accredited school and has never been hired by a reputable news organisation.

This is simply because he does not meet the basic standards of research discipline, starting with substantiating one’s allegations with evidence and logic.

Instead, he fulfills all the criteria for a paid propagandist or narcissistic self-publicist at best.

Neither does he take the basic step of inviting easily accessible targets to comment on his deductions nor does he pursue his research in any other direction than the rabbit hole he is bent on heading into.

It is all rambling, self-certified innuendo and nonsense of the type that could equally conclude that King Charles is Jack the Ripper or that the ninety year old next door is also working for the CIA.

Like many of his ilk, Bertelic starts on an assumption that the Sarawak Report editor is in the secret pay of someone – ignoring the donation button on our site that has been the source of SR’s limited income for several years i.e. generous Malaysian readers.

He also ignores the email address for all enquiries to which he could have addressed his rambling allegations. Perhaps that is all too much like real work on the part of a genuine seeker for the truth?

Even more work would be entailed in reading the no less than two full length books detailing exactly how SR came into being and why, of course.

Which is presumably the reason for Mr B’s constant questioning as to “why? why? why?” would a ‘white woman’ who was ‘merely born in Malaysia’ care about the subsequent destruction of an environmental gem and the abuse of its indigenous peoples?

The answers are fully explained in the book The Sarawak Report. However, there is a warning for Mr B that it is 500 pages long. He predictably prefers to stick to a rabbit hole analysis extrapolating from a couple of paras on the SR website instead.

He finds these to be stacked with suspicious ‘red flags’ born out of his apparent world view: for example, that the editor is white, meaning she should not care about the region; that one of the editor’s former employers was the BBC (in the 1980s); that one of the several non-financial awards of recognition received by the SR/RFS project came from the International Press Institute (which apparently receives donations from US sources amongst others); that the editor is connected by marriage to a prominent political figure in the UK ….

From these items of information Mr B feels free to leap to the dramatic allegation that SR’s editor is secretly paid by the United States government to apparently undermine China’s interests in the region!
From these items of information Mr B feels free to leap to the dramatic allegation that SR’s editor is secretly paid by the United States government to apparently undermine China’s interests in the region!

We will simply throw his logic and line of questioning back at him which we will direct first to the email which apparently has been revealed to be an acknowledged ‘front’ identity for his truly.

In the event he does not respond, this article will appear within 24 hours on SR with the capacity to be updated should Mr Bertelec/Cartalucci eventually reply. Our questions are these:

1) According to his own logic and by virtue of the fulsome but unsubstantiated attack he has made on the new Malaysian PM for allegedly being in favour of ‘imperialist’, ‘murderous’ and ‘autocratic’ American forces against alleged Chinese interests in the region, we assume him to be a paid propagandist for the Chinese government. Does he deny it?

2) Given he assumes others go online only for money we assume that is why he goes online. Does he publish his accounts?

3) Is he being funded by Jho Low out of China or via Jho Low’s legal representatives in the US, like so many other paid PR outfits and propagandists are documented to have been?

4) Has he thought of going to journalism school or training in a newsroom as he plays being a journalist rather a lot?

5) Why are his videos being prolifically circulated around Chinese circles in Malaysia and the likes of Tic Tok – it certainly looks like a state propaganda exercise, is it?

6) How does a ‘white man’ like him justify his audacity in pronouncing on political and geo-political matters relating to the region (indeed even living in Bangkok), given that, according to him, a ‘white woman’ is not supposed to concern herself with environmental and indigenous rights matters in the region which are driven by global corrupt practice?

7) If he was sent a copy of the Sarawak Report….. does he think he would manage to read it, because all the answers to his conspiracy theories as to the motive behind that project are contained in the book?

8) We he to read the book he would understand that the editor of SR first met with Anwar Ibrahim in 2007 whilst reporting on the ground in Sarawak on the eco-destruction of the state. She heard the opposition leader was in the market place in Lubock Antu canvassing local voters in a by-election she had come to witness, so she chased him for an interview. Usually facts are more interesting than fiction, why not try sticking to them?

Sarawak Report did not receive an immediate response to its email.


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