Bar highlights possible power abuse after Ismail Sabri admits to using Thomas’ memoir as political ammo | Malay Mail


By Ashley Yeong

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2022 1:40 PM MYT

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 26 — The Malaysian Bar today questioned if caretaker Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s orders to declassify the report detailing Putrajaya’s investigation into former attorney-general Tommy Thomas’ memoir to use as political ammunition falls under a form of abuse of power.

Bar president Karen Cheah Yee Lynn added that such an investigation must be free from “political tampering,” and would have been in better hands under a Royal Commission of Inquiry instead of the government-linked special task force.

“It was reported that our caretaker prime minister, who is also the vice-president of Umno, has urged Barisan Nasional’s election machinery to capitalise on the declassified report, which could potentially be an abuse of power.

“The prime minister further openly admitted during a pre-campaign period rally that he declassified the report so that it can be used as political ‘bullets’ to attack the opposition party.

“Such blatant admission, if true, begs the question of good faith in the establishment of the special task force and whether the special task force report was non-partisan and reliable for justice to be properly administered, and whether justice can be achieved,” Cheah said in a statement here.

Cheah said that the declassification of the report was “untimely,” given the dissolution of Parliament on October 7 and the pending 15th general elections slated for November 19.


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