Unsubstantiated: 4 Taiwanese F16 fighter jets defected to China


👍IMPORTANT NEWS🇸🇬 :- is reported that at 4:35 in the morning, four F16 fighter jets of a certain air force in Taiwan suddenly flew towards the center line of the strait during routine training and lost contact with the ground. The Taiwan Air Force sent two fighter jets to intercept it, and the two sides exchanged fire in the air. The four F16 fighter jets that defected have now landed at a military base in Fujian. There was an air battle over the Taiwan Strait. Four Taiwan F16 fighter jets jointly defected and engaged in an air battle with two interceptor fighters. The interceptors were shot down, and the life and death of the pilots were unknown. The four F16 fighter jets and their crews that have landed safely at a military base in Fujian have been secretly protected by the military. At present, both the mainland and Taiwan have remained silent on the incident. The United States called Taiwan’s leaders to express concern about the incident. The four planes were stationed at Taoyuan Airport – the 16th Air Wing. The captain of the pilot is Major Han Rongming, and the plane number is TY160531. According to eyewitnesses, one plane was slightly injured when it landed; the four planes landed successfully under the cover of eight SU-27 fighter jets from the mainland! ​​ According to reliable information (from a well-informed source within the Air Force), the four F-16s that defected from the Taiwan Air Force the day before yesterday were transferred from Fuzhou Airport to Wuhu Air Force Base in Anhui under the “protection” of eight Su-27s. The four F-16 pilots were warmly welcomed by the leadership led by the base commander. The four F-16s and their pilots have all been transferred to reliable locations. According to rumors, the four pilots may go to Beijing next week to meet with senior Chinese military leaders. In response to this, the Chinese spokesperson said in response to questions from Chinese and foreign reporters that there has been no notification from relevant departments. The Taiwan authorities have also remained tight-lipped about this. The U.S. Pentagon was extremely angry about this, because one of the RF-16s involved a lot of important electronic intelligence and important equipment, and Japan was also very surprised and said that it would upgrade the related equipment of the Self-Defense Force’s f-16 (transfer). 👍🇸🇬重要新闻,凌晨4:35分,台某空军四架F16战机在例行训练中,突然朝海峡中线飞去并与地面失联。台空军即派两架战机拦截,双方在空中发生交火。叛逃的四架F16战机,现已降落在福建某军事基地。
台湾当局对此也三缄其口。美国五角大楼对此事极为愤怒,因为其中一架RF-16 涉及到许多重要电子情报和重要设备,日本也感到十分吃惊,表示要提升自卫队的f-16的相关设备🌹👍🇸🇬


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