What if Russia nuked Ukraine?


In April 2022, Zelenskyy had warned of the use of nuclear weapons by Russia.

World should prepare for Russia to use nuclear weapons, says Volodymyr Zelensky




The United States and its NATO allies are going to wipe out Russian troops in Ukraine, and sink the Russian Navy in the Black Sea, if Moscow’s bloodthirsty dictator decides to carry out a nuclear attack against the Ukrainians.

This is per retired US general and ex-CIA head David Petreus.

Second Similar US Warning to Russia in Weeks

Petreus’ warning to Russia is similar to that of another retired US general, former Supreme NATO Commander in Europe, Gen. Ben Hodges.

Hodges said last month that an American response to Putin’s potential nuclear strike in Ukraine does not have to be also nuclear, but could be a powerful conventional attack.

The possibility of an increasingly paranoid Putin resorting to nuclear weapons in some form cannot be ignored. Since the Russian tyrant invaded Ukraine with 200,000 troops, his military has been suffering stupefying losses.

‘Nothing Putin Can Do Now’ to Win

Speaking on ABC News’ “This Week” program on Sunday, Gen. David Petreus declared the United States and its allies in the 30-strong NATO alliance would devastate Russia’s troops in case even a single Russian nuke went off in Ukraine.

Petreus noted that Putin’s nuclear threats should be taken seriously, especially since the Moscow dictator is becoming increasingly “desperate” because of the “irreversible battlefield reality that he faces.”

The former chief of the CIA pointed out that even though Ukraine is not a member state of NATO, and therefore isn’t covered under the alliance’s Article 5 mutual defense clause, a NATO response to a Russian nuclear attack “would be in order.”

Petreus said it could be possible to interpret any radiation fallout from a Russian nuclear attack in Ukraine as aggression against the members of the alliance.

He argued such a development would be “so horrific” that “it cannot go unanswered” and there would have “to be a response.”

The former top US commander in Iraq hypothesized a collective NATO reaction “would take out” any Russian forces in Ukraine, on the Russian-annexed Crimean Peninsula, and every single Russian vessel in the Black Sea.

Petreus observed that Ukraine and its plucky President Volodymyr Zelenskyy “mobilized vastly better” than Putin’s Russia.

He commented that Putin’s “shambolic mobilization,” “annexation,” or nuclear weapons usage could not save him from the defeat that he is facing in Ukraine.

According to Petreus, there is nothing the Russian autocrat could do at this point in order to defeat Ukraine and win his war of aggression.



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