Will Siti Kasim contest the Batu Parliamentary seat as an Independent?


It will be “hot” in Batu at GE 15! Incumbent P. Prabakaran will want to run as a PKR candidate. Tian Chua will “ask for” his former seat but might not be given it (as they don’t quite trust him). He might, then, decide to run as a Independent.

Siti Kasim has stated her intention to run as an Independent but where would she get the ground support? Not from the supporters of PKR or DAP.


The Batu parliamentary seat in Kuala Lumpur is considered one of the hot seats in the next general election, being the focus of many parties and even independents.

It became a PKR stronghold after Tian Chua won the seat in 2008 and retained it five years later in the 13th general election (GE13).

However, on the nomination day for GE14, the election officer disqualified Tian Chua from defending the seat owing to a technicality.

PKR then backed independent candidate P Prabakaran and helped him to win the seat. Prabakaran later joined PKR.

When contacted, Tian Chua confirmed his interest to compete for the Batu seat on the PKR ticket in GE15. “Yes,” he told FMT in a short reply



P. Prabakaran won the Batu parliamentary seat as an Independent. He then joined PKR.


P. Prabakaran, 22, became the youngest candidate to win a seat for the 14th General Election. He wins the Batu parliamentary seat with a majority of 24,438 votes.





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