Nurul Izzah Anwar: 努鲁坦言对“小人”深感愤怒 惟以三国历史勉励改革需要时间


Google translation:

PKR Vice-President Nuru Isa stressed at the Penang DAP Fundraising Dinner last night that the change of dynasty has brought people to see the change of the country, but she also stressed that the reform is not an overnight thing, but a long time to complete.

Nuru confessed that she was indeed deeply dissatisfied with the villain's betrayal, but the change of dynasty made it possible for people to finally see the thieves in prison become a reality.

“I am of course angry with a lot of 'villains', of course we will be angry, but I want to stress that looking back at history, changing dynasties, we have seen changes. In such a long time, from 1999 to 2018, the people let Pakatan Harapan Winning the election, we succeeded in jailing the bribery kleptocrats."
公正党副主席努鲁依莎昨晚在槟州行动党筹款晚宴上强调,改朝换代让人们看到了国家变革,但她也强调,改革并非一朝一夕的事,而是漫长的时间来完成。 努鲁坦承,她确实对小人背叛深感不满,但改朝换代让人们最终看到了盗贼入狱成为现实。 “我当然对很多‘小人’感到愤怒,我们当然会愤怒,但我要强调,回顾历史,改朝换代,让我们看到了改变。在那么漫长的岁月里,从1999到2018年,人民让希盟胜选,我们成功让贪贿的窃国大盗入狱。”



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