When “grifter” Naomi Wolf “incited harassment” of Epilogue Kitchen and Cocktails, a restaurant in Salem, they refused to back down






CW: racism, ableism, incitement of violence.
Sound on. Two voicemails, back to back. This has become a nationwide, targeted campaign by various racists and science deniers. There is glee in all of these voicemails, in all of these reviews and comments. They have found an outlet for their impotent mediocrity. And it all started with the grifter naomi wolf.
I have gotten 5 direct death threats.
This Is America.

On a positive note, our actual community of Salem has rallied and made us feel loved. Thank you 🙏🏾.



This is Naomi Wolf. Naomi Wolf is an author and spreader of dangerous lies about covid-19 and vaccines. Naomi Wolf believes that the overturning of Roe was actually good for women.
Today, Naomi Wolf had reservations at a neighboring restaurant, with who I presume pass for friends in her world. Instead of going to her reservation, Naomi Wolf harassed us. She “just wants to have a conversation” while ignoring the sign on our front door and attempting to “explain” to us why our policy is wrong or some shit. Today, Naomi Wolf was a real motherfucker.
When I told her she was officially 86’d, and would be trespassed if she ever came back, due to how she spoke to and treated the crew, she began filming. Again, real motherfucker move.
Her friends show up, and one of them decides to really flex his might and square up.

Her followers, cultists, whatever the hell they are, called us no fewer than 35 times. They attempted to make reservations under these absurd harassing names (which, like, we have to approve each reservation, dinguses).
I was told that I was a “fat loser fuck” four different times. I was told to die three times. And that’s just over the phone👍🏾

Online, we have gotten at least seven 1-star reviews. If y’all could go report those when you have time, that would be really helpful.

Anyway. The point of this is not pity or whatever. It is, as always, to remind you what is happening. Not confined to the strange oasis of the internet, but in vivid color, in the desert of the real. They only get bolder with every new decision that plummets us towards a theocratic hellscape.

We are one of maybe four places requiring vaccines in Salem, and they won’t let us have just this. Motherfuckers.


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