Ever heard about Stella Immanuel?


Stella Gwandiku-Ambe Immanuel (born 1965) is a Cameroonian-American physician and pastor. In mid-2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a video went viral on social media platforms in which Immanuel said hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID-19, and that public health measures such as social distancing and the wearing of face masks are ineffective and unnecessary. The platforms removed Immanuel’s videos and posts, which they said promote misinformation related to the pandemic.[1]

Immanuel is also the founder of a charismatic religious organization called Fire Power Ministries; in her role as its founder, she has made fringe claims about other medical conditions, especially in relation to human sexuality. She has said endometriosis, infertility, miscarriage, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are caused by spirit spouses, and has also endorsed a number of conspiracy theories that include the involvement of space aliens and the Illuminati in manipulating society and government.[2]

Immanuel emigrated to the United States after completing her medical education in Nigeria.[3][4] As of 2021, she practices at a private clinic in a strip mall in Texas.[1]






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