Graduate Claims The PhD Degree He Received From UPM Is “not Recognized Abroad” And “worthless” | Malaysia World News


University Putra Malaysia (UPM): 398 PhD graduates at its recent convocation? Yes, but there were 632 in 2019


The University Putra Malaysia, abbreviated as UPM, is a Malaysian research university which focuses on agricultural sciences but since the year 1997, expanded to wide range of scientific research and education including medicine, engineering, computer science, biotechnology and so on. Wikipedia


By Ziinine A. Britshi on September 5, 2021

KUALA LUMPUR – A graduate  claimed that the doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree he received from the public university, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), was not recognized abroad.

Malaysia Gazette reported, Saed Jnaidi from Palestine obtained his PhD in the Mass Communication program after graduating from UPM in 2019. However, it all came to light when the PhD had not been accredited by the Malaysian Government when he applied for a visa to enable him to get a one -year orientation in the Netherlands.

Clearly, as a residence permit holder, he is allowed to work and live in the Netherlands without restrictions. However, he was disappointed because he missed the opportunity only because of the failure of accreditation on the part of UPM, the news portal added.

“To obtain a visa, applicants must have completed at least a master’s or post-doctoral program or have obtained a PhD degree from an internationally recognized educational institution abroad which is in the top 200 in the list.

“Therefore, I applied for a visa that was included with the UPM PhD accreditation certificate in January. Unfortunately, the PhD in Mass Communication I received did not get recognition.

“I was informed through a letter received from the accreditation body in the Netherlands, namely Nuffic, that the PhD was not recognized,” he said in a statement.

Saed, who is also a holder of a Bachelor’s degree from the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and a master degree from Limkokwing University, said that he has been informed by MQA that the PhD program, which had taken five years of study, had not been officially registered with the agency, thus confirming the statement issued by Nuffic.

Saed added that the same problem also happened to another UPM graduate from Palestine, Alaa Husain who graduated from the same program in 2018.

Saed regretted that the issue had affected the opportunities present in his life due to the inefficiency of UPM.

He is now unable to apply for a visa or a job because the Ph.D. he holds is worthless, he said.,graduating%20from%20UPM%20in%202019.


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