Singapore: Car rental firm Ethoz Group exposed for sexually inappropriate emails sent by its staff about female job applicants



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SINGAPORE — A car rental firm has said it will investigate and take appropriate disciplinary action after screengrabs of internal emails emerged, showing exchanges between employees containing sexually explicit comments about job applicants. 

Ethoz Group CEO Cindy Oh said in comments provided to the media, that the screengrabs may have been taken by former employees and added that the company will conduct a full investigation. 

“We take the issue very seriously and will not condone such behaviour in our workplace,” said Ms Oh.

Screengrabs of the emails which include photos of women who had applied to work at the company, have been circulating online since Monday (Feb 7). It is unclear when the emails were sent. 

Some of the exchanges carried sexual references about the prospective job candidates, including one calling an applicant a “massage girl”. 

Another email suggested hiring a “young one so our mechanics all see already more energy … can work faster”. 

A third email read: “Young and pretty one, good. But I will bring her home for personal use.”

There has been a public backlash against the company, with several comments on Ethoz Group’s Facebook page urging its management to look into the incident. CNA


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