A poem by Foo Siang Heng: Mademoiselle A* (a.k.a Aedes aegypti)…


Mademoiselle A* (a.k.a. Aedes aegypti)

A femme fatale at first sight
Fashionable in black-and-white
Slender with a ballerina’s poise
Sexy as Playboy’s mate of choice

This female needs no chaperone
Drawn by your strong pheromone
Lands on you with a gentle touch
Says she needs you oh so much

Adding, “You’re tired, need a rest
Leave it to me, I know what’s best”
Caresses a hand that’s quite hairy
Saying things that’s full of flattery

Eyeing you lovingly at this juncture
Executes a painless skin puncture
Sucks libidinously like no tomorrow
Satiated, she waved Adios Amigo

“I’m Mademoiselle A* the Mosquito”
Curtsies from afar saying Arigato**
Hope I’ve left no virus or parasite
Other than a welt from my love bite!”

Mademoiselle A* is a female mosquito, Aedes aegypti;
Arigato** is Thank you in Japanese.



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