Misleading claims about Singapore, Covid-19, the Pfizer vaccine and secretive use of Ivermectin (7 July 2021)


Anyone who calls it a “now proven toxic Pfizer vaccine” has no credibility as far as I am concerned.

Did the writer offer any evidence other than his opinion? No. Any link? No.


Received via WhatsApp.

S’pore’s Phoney Success Story

Heard that the S’porean govt is secretly using Ivermectin to bring down Covid-19 death and infection rates but spinning the story to give credit of their success to the now proven toxic Pfizer experimental mRNA gene therapy vaccine.

S’pore is caught in it’s own trap partly due to Temasek’s USD 250 million investment in Pfizer mRNA vaccine in June 2020 and partly due to their (on balance) pro-USA geopolitical position.

They have been facing a public storm for having double standard in discriminating against Sinovac vaccine in favour of Pfizer’s vaccine and not being upfront about it before many people lined up for the Sinovac jab. They are also facing an internal rebellion from their top medical doctors who are questioning the safety of the Pfizer experimental mRNA vaccine and very opposed to children being vaccinated with the now proven toxic Pfizer vaccine.

As a tighly controlled state, it is very easy to plot for anything internally. Apparently, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine they ordered may not be the same as what it’s northern neighbour has been getting, supposedly far less harmful.

An insider source suggested that their PM felt so guilty about these public deceptions that he had to go on a long leave recently to pacify his conscience.

City state S’pore, with population of 5.8 million people, is now touted as a success story of South East Asia, in controlling and managing the pandemic, but they are deviously hiding their use of the secret weapon – Ivermectin.

K K Tan
Global Citizens For Justice
3 July 2021


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