Same-sex marriages in the Methodist Church? Not in Singapore.



Received via WhatsApp.

1 July 2021
Dear Worshippers and Members of Pentecost Methodist Church,

Some of you are concerned about the developments this week in the Methodist Church in Britain where same-sex marriage is now officially allowed.

It is good for us to know that the Methodist Church in Singapore is not under the jurisdiction of the British Methodist Church nor under the United Methodist Church of USA. We are not governed by their rulings. We gained autonomy from them in 1976.

The official stand of the Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) is:- homosexuality is incompatible with scriptural principles. There is no change to this official stand of the church. Do note that only the views of the General Conference, and not of a person or office including the Bishop, is official. Any change to this stand on homosexuality has to be cleared at this body, the General Conference – a body of 42 elected representatives (7 clergy and 7 lay from each of the 3 annual conferences – TRAC, Chinese & Tamil).

The MCS official position can be found at

The Bishop and the 3 Presidents will be releasing a statement on this matter.

Do continue to pray for wisdom to be upon the Methodist Church and the leaders. We recognize that the church is for everyone and we want to minister to all in love.

Thank you.
Pastor Jonathan




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