China’s message to Oversea Chinese, her sons and daughters abroad: See how mighty your Motherland is! Be proud of China! (Or “propaganda to live by”)…


Propaganda I don’t believe in…



Received via WhatsApp

🌺The very precious international current situation analysis is as follows :👇

_🌺China has begun to challenge the status of the US dollar. No wonder the United States is so anxious and vowed to turn Hong Kong into a chess piece that the United States are exploiting against China.

🌺Former Secretary of State of the United States, Kissinger once said that whoever controls oil controls mankind, and whoever controls currency issuance controls the entire world.

_ 🌺No country does not need oil, but not every country produces oil._

🌺It is precisely this amazing business opportunity that the United States established a rule for all the oil producers in the Meddle East that all oil transactions must be settled in U.S. dollars. That is to say, no matter which country buys or sells oil, it must convert its own currency into the U.S. dollar first.

🌺For oil-rich countries, you have to collect U.S. dollars to sell oil, otherwise a catastrophe is imminent.

🌺This is equivalent to the oil trade of the world, all being sheared & controlled by the United States.

*🌺Why ❓ because America has WMD, missiles, warplanes and carriers within range of anyone who disobeys.

🌺The world is dominated by the United States, and under the hegemony of Iron Fist, who dares not to refuse?❓

🌺 It is also relying on the dominion of the US dollar, and the United States has made a lot of money. It is precisely because of the US dollar dominion that it can easily bring amazing benefits to the United States. If anyone challenges the US dollar, the United States will destroy the nation.

_🌺 Saddam, the Middle Eastern hero of Iraq, expressed his desire to use euros instead of the U.S. dollar. As a result, the then Secretary of State Powell of the United States took a pack of washing powder as evidence, wandered around the United Nations for support; got none. USA then illegally invaded Iraq, overthrew & hanged Saddam and left Iraq destitude till today.

🌺In that era of the weak and the strong, the American aircraft carrier is the bully, and whoever has the big fist is the boss.

🌺Don’t say it’s Iraq, even if it is America’s own hard-core brothers, (Euro)’s idea to combat the hegemony of the US dollar, will also be hit by the United States without hesitation.

🌺For Germany, whose position is very important in the EU, Chancellor Merkel only expressed that the Euro is more suitable as a settlement currency for oil than the U.S. dollar. The U.S. immediately took action. A Greek debt crisis triggered the entire European Union and made the original monolithic EU almost fall apart, Merkel never dared to mention the euro settlement again.

🌺The United States uses this method of killing chickens and monkeys to warn the world that anyone who dares to challenge the United States has only a dead end‼️

🌺The world dare not challenge the United States. China is not only doing it but has already done it.

🌺In 2014, Russia, took the lead in using renminbi for settlement in oil trade with China. This was earth-shattering. Iran followed suit and used renminbi for settlement.

🌺Even Iraq, which was “liberated” by the United States, followed closely behind and joined the renminbi settlement camp. Venezuela is even better. In the face of United States’ pressure, renminbi settlement was adopted not only in oil settlement, but also in the renminbi settlement camp. It is abandoning the dollar.

🌺 So far: Two-thirds of China’s oil purchases have been settled in RMB, and the dollar is being gradually abandoned.

🌺In order to completely break the hegemony of the US dollar, China has made another pioneering move. Any oil exporting country that accepts RMB as an oil trade settlement will allow the RMB to be exchanged for gold at the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which will greatly promote the internationalization of the RMB.

🌺 Linking crude oil, RMB, and gold is equivalent to linking the credit of RMB to the credit of gold. This will undoubtedly make the world scramble to reserve RMB.

*🌺After the move of China’s RMB exchange for gold, in addition to the United States $, another country is anxious. This country is the Middle East oil tyrant Saudi Arabia. As China has increased the RMB purchase year after year, Saudi Arabia’s oil sales to China have been greatly reduced.

🌺Faced with the huge Chinese market, the Saudis finally couldn’t help it.

🌺 Various signs indicate that Saudi, the hard-core brother of the United States in the Middle East, will also follow the general trend and use RMB for settlement.

🌺Don’t forget that Saudi Arabia is the big brother of Middle East oil, and it will have a huge impact on other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. If the Saudis turned to RMB, the US oil siege against China will be completely disintegrated. Then all imported oil can be settled in RMB.

  • This is tantamount to grabbing food from USA’s mouth. The U.S. is really anxious. 20 years ago, whichever country dared to do this, it would be suicide. The U.S. would have 1,000 ways to kill him, but today’s China is no longer what it used to be. After 40 years of guts and courage, it finally has the strength to stand up to the United States. Today’s U S is no longer the United States 40 years ago. 40 years of fighting and killing have emptied its treasury, and it is no longer the trusted leader of the past.* 🌺The countries that choose to settle RMB settlements with China, whether it is Russia, Iran, Venezuela, which has been carrying the United States for many years, or Iraq, which has only awakened after being fudged by the United States, all bravely stand up and say ‘NO’ to the United States. And what makes them firm is that their partner is China, which is recognized as the only country in the world that can compete with the United States.

🌺In contrast, the United States, when the country was dominant, it has been fighting everywhere, exhausting its national wealth, and its debts are high. Because of lack of money, it has been forced to shut down Congress several times. After Trump came to power, there has been a global contraction in order to protect itself.

🌺In the face of the broken US dollar, it is really not the best choice for the United States at sunset to fight against the rising China.

🌺This is also the reason why the United States has been smearing China in the international arena in the past few years, and threatening China in the South China Sea. The United States can only use this thuggish method to dish out the evil in its heart, but the great old days are gone and it is powerless to return to heaven. No wonder some scholars in the United States lamented: Twenty years ago, China was neglected & make the United States so passive today.

🌺 But who knows how much it took for China’s rise today to be exchanged for it.

🌺 When the United States bombed our embassy in Yugoslavia, my country endured it.

🌺 When the United States hit a Chinese military plane in the South Sea, China tolerated it.

🌺 During the Taiwan Strait crisis in 1996, the United States shut down its two GPS aircraft carriers. When they were crossing the Taiwan Strait, China still tolerated.

🌺Now the overall situation of the South China Sea has been determined. China’s reclamation of the islands has shocked the world. Vietnam provoked the Xisha confrontation and was beaten and fled. The anti-China president of the Philippines stepped down and was about to be tried. The purchase of the Diaoyu Islands has become a farce, and now the normalized patrol of the Diaoyu Islands has returned to China.

🌺Not only that, but Chinese warships and aircraft continue to fly over the various seas and straits. Japan continue to protest. China’s official response to this is that Japan will get used to it after wearing it a few more times.

🌺And near the island reef that was claimbed by Indonesian soldiers, Chinese scientists announced the discovery of an endangered plant, dozens of kilometers around it was designated as a protected area, and illegal intrusion was prohibited. As soon as the news came out, netizens laughed and said: This is a tree that wins glory for the country.

🌺Now China’s Sky Eye has become the world’s largest and most advanced radio telescope. Human beings listen to the sound of the universe and look at China.

🌺Now China’s One Belt One Road is fully launched, and global trade has gained a lot more channels, and is no longer monopolized by the United States. China’s “Chang’an” train is mighty and majestic. The hundred-section freight train is like a long dragon. People from all over the world are stunned. Exclaimed that the Chinese dragon is coming.

*🌺Nowadays, China’s mobile payment has fully matured. Even the uncle of the roasted sweet potato on the roadside use “WeChat” to pay while the United States was still relying on backward credit cards. Countless Westerners who lived in China returned to their countries deeply frustrated. Feeling the inconvenience that their country is too backward; China has gone cashless, and returning home is like traveling back in time.

🌺 Now that China’s “F-20” has been installed, China has the Hongqi 9 series of air defense missiles facing the stealth fighters of the United States, so that U.S. fighters dare not infringe upon my country’s airspace.

🌺 Now China’s nuclear submarine noise reduction technology has been fully upgraded, and China’s own aircraft carriers have been launched one after another at an amazing speed.

🌺Now China has a killer skill against the US aircraft carrier fleet, that is, the Dongfeng 21D series of missiles, which can easily destroy the US aircraft carrier fleet.

🌺 After the news came out, the US aircraft carrier’s defense line quickly retreated 400 kilometers away from China. Now China has its own new early warning aircraft, new strategic bombers, 20 large transport aircraft, and now China’s armed helicopters and more than 200 AI satellites monitoring all parts of the world, while heavy helicopters continue to be produced.

🌺 The Wu Zhi 10, Wu Zhi 19, Wu Zhi 20 and so on are dazzling.

🌺This is China’s speed. This is China’s national defense.

🌺In the first hundred years, China experienced the Opium War, the Eight-Power Allied Forces War, the War of Resistance Against Japan, etc., and suffered humiliation and suffering.

🌺 In the next hundred years, the Chinese learned from the pain and set their minds down to build nuclear bombs, airplanes, and tanks. What the enemy has, we must have, and what the enemy does not have, we also build.

🌺It took the Chinese 60 years to catch up with the 200-year pace of the West, and the blood and tears of countless Chinese contributed to today’s achievements.

🌺When China finally decided to end the US bullying & US dollar hegemony, the U.S. suddenly discovered that the battle has changed. Now the powerfully rising China is no longer controllable by the U.S., and they can no longer stop China from advancing peacefully & forcefully.

🌺Now China is moving forward with heavy burdens in the turbulent waves and has made breakthroughs one after another. As a member of the sons and daughters of China, I hope that all the sons and daughters of China can use their own efforts to light up the fire of prosperity of the Chinese nation & the world.

🌺It is not so much that China is creating miracles, China itself is a miracle, a great country and a mighty China.

🌺I believe that China must continue to encourage and reshape the glory of my Chinese people👏👍🇨🇳💪


🌺No matter how busy you are, please take 1 second to put it in your group, maybe your friends need to know the current international trend‼️ ️Thank you 🌺

Gramatically corrected & forwarded as received. Tq


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