Fake WhatsApp article about Pharmaniaga…


The following message received via WhatsApp is fake and malicious.

Reply to Pharma Clarification in Sin Chiew on Business Deal with HK Company and Pharma assisting Sarawak Government to purchase Sinovac Vaccine.

  1. Pharma had no Business Deal with HK Company
    Truly, Pharma purchased “200 Litres in Bulk” Sinovac vaccine was a G2G arrangement witnessed by China Embassy in Malaysia. The HK Company was only requested to issue LC on behalf of Pharma. It is a reputable and solid company because Pharma was unable to issue the LC itself. Later, the issuing bank cannot honor payment due to the T&C of the LC cannot be fulfilled by Pharma by providing supporting documents and proof of the equipments and facilities for packaging.
    To prevent the court case becoming an International issue and laughing stock, this HK Company had settled amicably with SINOVAC using internal funds through arrangement with the Foreign Ministry. To date, Pharma had not settle with this HK Company as they are able to pay only after they received payment first. In International Trade, this is ridiculous as payment must be honored upon receipt of goods ordered.
  2. Announcement by Health Minister: On May 11, 2021, Health Minister announced that “Vaccination Centres to get 290,480 vials of Sinovac vaccine by Pharma as from today”as reported by Bernama. Since the “200 liters in Bulk”Sinovac vaccine is overdue and unsuitable for vaccination, this news alerted those Malaysians and foreign parties related to Sinovac who had inside information to reveal the truth and alert the public not to accept the vials bottled by Pharma. This is a matter of life and death which is of paramount importance. News published in mass media are sometimes very misleading and lies. So the public must be aware!
  3. On Sarawak Government in negotiation with Pharma to purchase vaccine approved by NPRA and agreed by Federal Government : Reliable info from Sinovac confirms that no new order is placed by Pharma to date after delivery of the 200 liters in bulk. Furthermore, Sinovac or even SinoPharm will no longer deal with Pharma on the other hand due to its bad record. Initially, Sinovac was not willing to sell in bulk to Pharma knowing very well that it will be a waste of vaccine as Pharma is not equipped with the stringent packing facilities. But due to pressure from higher authorities, they obliged.
  4. Complimentary 100,000 doses Sinovac vaccine for Malaysia Clinical Test.: Due to very good diplomatic relationship with Malaysia, China has reserved enough vaccine required by Malaysia. They had also sent 100,000 doses complimentary to Malaysia for clinical test. The Sinovac vaccine supplied earlier for vaccination is from this batch and not the vials from Pharma. From budget 2020 and 2021, billions of fund are allocated for purchase of vaccines, but our Malaysia authorities had failed to make right decision and procure the best and safest vaccine for Malaysians.
  5. The reasons from authorities in Malaysia regarding shortage of vaccine is common knowledge and accepted by public at large. But as said earlier, China had reserved millions of vaccines for Malaysia since Nov 2020 and it is due to self-interest and incapable ministers which had caused so much delay and damage to Malaysians. Sad to say, the reputation of Malaysian Ministers had deteriorated so badly that they are alike “gangster minister” in the eyes of foreign counterparts.
  6. Malaysian Ministers should from the very beginning procure vaccine with transparency and urgency without “any party or self-interest”. It is to a large extend that the shortage of vaccine today is due to reasons only known to the elites in the political arena. Funds allocated for vaccines are channeled elsewhere and the treasury is now dry and unable to place new orders.
    The lives of Malaysian are at risk all because of a failed government and corrupted ministers who always disguised themselves as caretakers of the Rakyat but exactly opposite.
  7. When will all Malaysians wake up and choose a capable government to navigate our beloved country to the right path?





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