Malaysia: Nearly 1 out of 100 Covid-19 patients died…


Nearly One Of 100 Covid-19 Patients In Malaysia Die

By Ashswita Ravindran | 23 May 2021

Sabah, Johor, Perak, Melaka, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Kedah reported higher Covid-19 case fatality rates than the national death rate of 0.86% from May 16-22.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 23 — Malaysia’s Covid-19 mortality rate doubled in the past week to 0.86 per cent compared to the 0.44 per cent cumulative rate as of yesterday.

Sabah’s case fatality rate (CFR) in the 20th epidemiological week from May 16 to 22 was the highest nationwide at 4.08 per cent, which means four of every 100 coronavirus cases in the past week had succumbed to the disease.

Johor, Perak, and Melaka reported CFR of 1.15 per cent, 1.06 per cent, and 1 per cent respectively in the past week.

Between May 2 and May 8 (Epidemiological Week 18), a total of 136 deaths directly caused by Covid-19 were reported nationwide, while a total of 25,350 Covid-19 cases were recorded. This translated to a CFR of 0.54 per cent.

Following that, between May 9 and May 15 (Epidemiological Week 19), the number of deaths reported multiplied by 1.5 times to 209 deaths and a total of 29,386 Covid-19 cases were reported, translating to a CFR of 0.71 per cent.

In the past week from May 16 to 22 (Epidemiological Week 20), new Covid-19 fatalities reported nationwide rose to 333, while 38,785 infections were reported, leading to a 0.86 per cent CFR.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s overall death toll as of May 22 was 2,199 deaths, which translated to a cumulative CFR of 0.44 per cent. CFR indicates the proportion of people who died due to Covid-19 of the number of coronavirus infections reported during a specific period of time.

An anonymous medical doctor told CodeBlue that the efficacy of the country’s policies and control over Covid-19 can be measured by looking at the deaths due to Covid-19.

“The death rates are coming from intensive care unit (ICU) cases and the ICU cases are coming from the population of people who have not been vaccinated,” the medical doctor said, requesting anonymity due to the government’s gag order on civil servants.

For Week 20, these states had a CFR above the national rate (0.86 per cent)

  • Sabah (4.08 per cent)
  • Johor (1.15 per cent)
  • Perak (1.06 per cent)
  • Melaka (one per cent)
  • Selangor (0.91 per cent)
  • Kuala Lumpur (0.91 per cent)
  • Penang (0.9 per cent)
  • Kedah (0.9 per cent)

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