A racist hate crime? Singaporean Chinese man assaults Indian woman for not wearing mask during walk and hurls racial slurs at her…



Singapore: Wearing Mask While Exercising Isn’t Compulsory

Although Singapore’s health ministry guidelines require all people in the island nation aged six and above are required to wear masks as part of the safety measures against COVID-19 when outside their homes, they are allowed to remove their mask while engaging in outdoor or strenuous exercise, including brisk walking or walking up hilly terrain. However, they must put it back after they are done with their strenuous activity.

Read more at: https://www.shethepeople.tv/news/singapore-indian-origin-woman-attacked-racial-slurs-against-her-for-removing-mask-hindocha-nita-vishnubhai/


Mr Shanmugam condemned an alleged racist attack on a woman near Choa Chu Kang stadium

He said “several highly racist comments” had been made about Indians

This sort of racism is “dangerous for Singapore”, he added

SINGAPORE — Racism will become normalised if Singapore is not careful to address some dangerous racist comments, Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam said on Tuesday (May 11).

Citing websites that stoke racist and xenophobic sentiments, as well as people making racist remarks in coffee shop conversations, Mr Shanmugam said in Parliament that such open expressions of racism should be condemned.

“There have been several canards about Ceca (Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement), promoted by a whispering campaign… And what’s happening on the ground… several highly racist comments targeting Indians,” said Mr Shanmugam. “So it’s getting into the ground and being repeated. This will become normalised if we are not careful.”

He said people here, as in the United States, had been “stoking the fears, encouraging racism and xenophobia, and dog whistling”. “That is dangerous, and dangerous for Singapore,” he said.

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/racism-xenophobia-will-become-normalised-if-singapore-not-careful-shanmugam


PM Lee and several ministers speak out against alleged racist attack on woman at Choa Chu Kang Drive

Published MAY 10, 2021
Updated MAY 11, 2021

PM Lee said that an alleged attack on May 7 “goes against everything that our multiracial society stands for”

There is no place for such behaviour in Singapore, he added

Several ministers also expressed dismay and concern over the incident

They include Ms Grace Fu, Mr Ong Ye Kung, Mr K Shanmugam and Dr Maliki Osman

“I am very disappointed and seriously concerned that this racist attack could happen in Singapore,” Mr Lee wrote.

“I understand people being under stress because of Covid-19, and anxious about their jobs and families. But that does not justify racist attitudes and actions, much less physically abusing and assaulting someone because she belongs to a particular race — in this case, Indian.

“The victim happens to be a Singaporean, but even had she not been one, the attack would still have been wrong and shameful,” he wrote.

Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/pm-lee-and-some-ministers-speak-out-against-alleged-racist-attack-woman-choa-chu-kang?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter


Singapore: Man kicks Indian-origin woman for not wearing mask during walk, hurls racial slurs

  • Hindocha Nita Vishnubhai, a private tutor, was brisk walking on Friday morning when a man approached her and asked her to pull her mask up from her chin

PUBLISHED ON MAY 10, 2021 04:30 PM IST

In an apparent incident of hate crime, a man hurled racial slurs and kicked a 55-year-old Indian-origin woman in Singapore for not wearing a mask while she was brisk walking.




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