Gombak Setia assemblyman Muhammad Hilman Idham is allegedly involved in a rape case that is being re-investigated by police…



Cops reinvestigating rape case allegedly involving Bersatu rep

Muhammad Hilman Idham is accused of ‘setting up’ incident in which victim was assaulted after karaoke session

Updated 6 hours ago · Published on 10 May 2021 3:35PM · 

KUALA LUMPUR – Gombak Setia assemblyman Muhammad Hilman Idham is allegedly involved in a case that is being reinvestigated by police under Section 376 of the Penal Code for rape.

This latest development comes following contents of two reports, with the latest – lodged on May 8 – being leaked on various social media platforms.

Asheeq Ali, the 34-year-old victim’s lawyer, confirmed to The Vibes that his client lodged both reports.

He said the first report lodged on December 8 last year, which his client later withdrew, alleged that Hilman’s associates had raped her following a karaoke session after dinner on December 5.

While his client lodged the second report recently, saying that the Bersatu politician had set up the incident, Asheeq said he is unsure of how the reports were leaked to the public.

The recent report also stated that the victim had on January 6 been informed by a female friend who was present on the night of the incident that the entire episode was allegedly “set up” by Hilman, prompting her to lodge a report on January 12, requesting police to reopen their investigation.

In a subsequent follow-up, police recorded her statement whereby she alleged that Hilman is involved in the incident.

The May 8 report, among others, called on police to speed up probes against Hilman and his alleged associates, including a Perikatan Nasional (PN) component party leader.

It stated that the victim had initially withdrawn her first report as those named in it had purportedly threatened and pressured her to do so.

In contrast to the first report, the woman had stated that Hilman is not responsible and that she is uncertain of who had raped her, having recalled seeing someone on top of her before passing out due to intoxication.

The first report stated that Hilman, with whom the victim was “going out”, had taken her to a hotel in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate her birthday on December 4, along with one of the men and two other female friends.

The PN component party leader, she alleged, joined the group during a karaoke session after dinner, where they got drunk prior to the alleged incident.

Investigations into the case came under the spotlight over the past week, after a grainy CCTV footage allegedly showing the victim, Hilman and three other individuals within a hotel room walkway in Sri Hartamas went viral on social media.

Asheeq confirmed that his client has since testified to police that she is the woman in the CCTV clip.




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