Pro CCP message on WhatsApp on the wonders of Sinovac…


Some people, maybe paid by the CCP, will turn anything into propaganda.

Read: from the horse’s mouth.

Did the Head of China’s CDC just admit that the efficacy of China’s Covid-19 vaccines is “not high”?

Did the Head of China’s CDC just admit that the efficacy of China’s Covid-19 vaccines is “not high”?



Received via WhatsApp…

Sinovac vaccine for seniors – a simple overview

🔹 We seniors will be getting the Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine (called CoronaVac) developed by a Chinese company. How good and how safe is this vaccine?

This Sinovac vaccine is made based on the traditional method of manufacture: using inactivated viral particles to expose the body’s immune system to the virus without risking a serious disease response. We have taken many other vaccines developed this way using inactivated viruses, like the 3-in-1 Td/IPV vaccine for polio, etc. So side effects should be minimal. By comparison the Pfizer vaccine developed by the Americans are mRNA vaccines, a total new method, used for the 1st time, where long term side effects are unknown.

Due to the fact this is an old type vaccine, we could safely say Sinovac is safer than the new type of mRNA vaccines like Pfizer. 🔸

How effective is the Sinovac vaccine? Or what is the efficacy rate. If you read the western media, they would say Sinovac’s efficacy rate is only 50.7%. A rather low rate compared to the Pfizer vaccine which is 90% or more. But is the direct comparison valid. May be not. Let us see.

When the development of the Sinovac vaccine reached the Stage 3 mass testing stage, China had very few people infected with the virus for such mass testing. Sinovac had to go overseas for such mass testing. In fact they went to 5 foreign countries to conduct the mass testing.

One place they went to was Brazil where those being tested were all (said to be) front line medical personnel. The efficacy rate was reported as 50.7%. Anything over 50% is considered by WHO as a pass mark as a vaccine. People being in the front line meant all those taking the vaccine trial were very much exposed to the disease, hence the number of people on trial became infected and developed the symptoms were high. So the efficacy rate is low.

What about the trials conducted by Pfizer? Who were the people taking the vaccine trials? It seems they represent a whole spectrum of people in a typical community, meaning many of the people on trial had little chance to be in contact with the infected and of course they did not get infected and developed symptoms during the trial period. That explained the very high efficacy rate of the Pfizer vaccine.

You see the difference now? The 2 vaccines were tested in totally different sets of conditions. One is on easy ground, of course it does better. The other is on difficult ground, of course it does not do so well. Yes, the Americans run one km in 4 minutes, very fast, but they run down from a hill. The Chinese take 7 minutes, but they run uphill.

Another point comes into consideration. Could the Chinese under the communist PRC be trusted? Are they not cooking up data? We trust the Americans more, or do we?

The Stage 3 testing of the Sinovac vaccine from China were carried out in foreign countries and the reports were made by the health authorities in those foreign countries. Not by China, meaning China could not cook up data or put up fake results.

On the other hand, would Pfizer put up fake reports on their vaccines? We never know. But Pfizer is not an angel. In 2008 it was fined by the US government to the tune of US$ 2.6 billion for fraud in promoting a new drug called Bextra. We can’t be sure if Pfizer has cheated in this case or not. They could easily cherry pick in the collection of data.

Just a reminder to those who blindly worship the West to open their eyes. The Chinese may not be angels, so are the Americans.

The final question – is it confirmed that the efficacy rate of the Sinovac vaccine is only 50.7%? As was mentioned earlier, it was mass tested in 5 countries and being used in over 18 countries now. The 50.7% efficacy rate comes from the trial in Brazil. Indonesia has released their interim result in late January 2021: the rate is 65.3% Turkey has released their final result in early March 2021: the rate is 83.5%. So from the data of these 3 countries, the efficacy rate ranges from 50.7% to 83.5%. 🔸

But why the western media continues to say the efficacy rate for Sinovac is very low, only 50.7%? Not surprising isn’t it! Have you ever read from a western media anything good about China or the Chinese people? 🔹


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