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March 26, 2021published at 10:32 AMByMelissa Teo AsiaOne

Ang Boon Ee — better known as Ah Pui to his regulars — once walked the streets of Tiong Bahru hawking his well-loved satay on a pushcart.

Today, the pushcart is replaced by a permanent space in Chinatown, but it’s equally, if not more, elusive as his ‘illegal’ pushcart days.

According to ieatishootipost, this is because Ah Pui insists on making the satay the same way as his master did, which involves slicing and skewering the meat by hand.

Despite having a team of chefs helping him out at his central kitchen, this is no easy feat and the amount of satay that can be produced in one day is limited.

Prior to the cafe’s opening in 2018, Ah Pui had been running a one-man show, making sporadic appearances around the Tiong Bahru estate since the 1980s.

Here’s a fun fact: his satay is shaped like a pear with an extra-long piece of fat near the base of the satay, which is said to reflect Ah Pui’s own body shape!

How it all started and hiccups along the way

According to The Straits Times, Ah Pui was just a teenager when he first picked up his skills from his master who worked at a Hainanese-run satay stall in Tiong Bahru.

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