Beijing has ‘growing concern’ about overseas opposition…



The Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Michael Shoebridge says Beijing wants to “stoke” internal debates and anger overseas as it now has a “growing concern” about opposition.

Mr Shoebridge said Beijing is “really starting to worry” about the growing opposition to their country’s “actions and behaviour”.

“When the EU puts sanctions on individual Chinese officials that are right in the middle of directing those atrocities in Xinjiang, that gets Beijing’s attention,” he said.

“There’s growing concern that other countries are starting to see that we’re all facing the same problem with China.”

He told Sky News host Andrew Bolt the problem with China is “rooted into behaviour of the Chinese Government”.

Mr Bolt pointed to occurrences of China “lecturing” Australia and the United States about human rights.

“What an incredible and offensive lecture from a bunch of hypocrites,” Mr Bolt said.

“As we speak there’s two Australians – including a journalist – locked up simply for criticising China – a country that is so racist that it is trying to virtually wipe out Tibetan and Uighur culture.”

Mr Shoebridge said China’s accusations are about “distraction and misdirection”.

“They’re able to talk about our internal debates because we have political systems where we can have internal debates, we don’t end up getting locked up with our organs harvested because we disagree with the government,” he said.


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