Yes, almost everyone wants to go to America! Not to China. And many Malaysians have gone to Australia. What does that tell you?


People from all over the world want to go to America. Even China’s Chinese want to go to America. Heard of people who want to go to China? You could count the number on one hand.


Haven’t received the following message on WhatsApp yet? Here it is…


UN introduced a bill that called for global action against racism.

Voting Summary:

Yes: 106.
No: 14. Abstentions: 44.
Non-Voting: 29.

Total voting membership: 193.
More than 100 countries voted “Yes.”

Guess who voted against it~ USA, UK, Australia, Canada

These are the countries constantly calling out other countries on human rights & freedom.


So many people want a new life with a future in America!


People want to leave Hong Kong, China but China won’t let them leave. China would lose face.

.. KO



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