Atlanta: White shooter kills 8, including 6 Asian women, at spas/massage parlours…



In many parts of the world, spas and massage parlours are places where prostitution, the oldest profession in the world, is practised…


A racist sheriff!


God-fearing Georgia gunman, 21, targeted three massage parlors because he blamed them for his sex addiction as cops say his deadly shooting spree was NOT racially motivated

  • Robert Aaron Long, 21, was arrested on Tuesday night after a three hour manhunt in Georgia
  • He first opened fire at Youngs Asian Massage in Acworth, 30 miles northwest of Atlanta, at 5pm 
  • He killed four people there then drove to Atlanta and opened fire at Gold Massage Spa
  • Police were called to a report of an armed robbery at Gold Spa and found three Asian women dead 
  • While they were there, the cops received reports of another shooting across the street at Aromatherapy Spa
  • Police found the final victim at Aromatherapy Spa across the street; Long was already on the run 
  • At 8pm, three hours after the firsts shots were reported, Long was arrested on a road in Crisp County, 150 miles south of Atlanta 
  • Once in custody, he confessed to the killings and said he had been at the three massage parlors before 
  • Long is a baptist who blamed his ‘sex addiction’ on the parlors and he wanted to remove ‘temptation’ 
  • He was on his way to Florida where police say he planned to target more locations 


PUBLISHED: 23:16 GMT, 16 March 2021 | UPDATED: 15:26 GMT, 17 March 2021

The God-fearing gunman who killed eight people at three Georgia massage parlors on Tuesday targeted the locations because he’d visited them before and blamed them for his sex addiction, cops revealed on Wednesday morning. 

Robert Aaron Long, 21, shot dead eight people including six Asian women at three parlors – one in Acworth and two in Atlanta – on Tuesday. 

He then went on the run and was driving to Florida to target more locations when he was arrested 150 miles south of Atlanta.  

‘He claims that it was not racially motivated. 

‘He has an issue that he considers a sex addiction and sees these locations as something that allows him to go to these places… it’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate.

‘He was at the end of his rope and yesterday was a very bad day for him,’ Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office said.


Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, was taken into custody in Crisp County after driving more than 180 miles, being on the run for almost four hours, and making three deadly stops along the way, investigators said.

An image released by deputies and timestamped around 4:50 p.m., investigators said, shows Long climbing into a dark-colored 4-door Hyundai Tucson and fleeing the scene.

“We don’t know the relationship of the suspect to the victims are. We don’t know if this is a random act,” said Capt. Baker.

ong was booked into the Crisp County jail.

While investigators said they know who was responsible, they still are unclear as to why this happened.

“We don’t know the relationship of the suspect to the victims are. We don’t know if this is a random act,” said Capt. Baker.

Law enforcement officials hope to know more as they continue to investigate overnight. A joint press conference with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office and Atlanta Police Department is expected Wednesday morning and hopefully will shed more light on the case.

These killings happened as a recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans that coincided with the spread of the coronavirus across the United States have been reported.

Atlanta police and several surrounding jurisdictions confirmed they were stepping up patrols around Asian-owned businesses and communities. It was a ripple that was even felt in New York City as police there confirmed they “will be deploying assets to our great Asian communities across the city out of an abundance of caution.”


Atlanta-area spa shootings: Suspect arrested after 8 people killed at 3 massage parlors; most victims appear to be Asian

By usatodaysun – March 17, 2021 

Eight people, many of them women of Asian descent, were killed Tuesday night in three shootings at Atlanta-area massage parlors before police arrested a 21-year-old man suspected of being the lone gunman.

Atlanta police responded to calls for a robbery in progress shortly before 6 p.m. Tuesday, Atlanta Police Department Sgt. John Chafee said, and found three women dead at the Gold Spa. While still on scene, police received calls for shots fired across the street at another massage parlor, where they found another woman fatally shot. 

About an hour earlier, some 30 miles north of Atlanta, five people were shot at another massage parlor, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Capt. Jay Baker said. Two of the victims were dead at the scene. Three were transported to a hospital, where two of them also died, Baker said.

Video evidence “suggests it is extremely likely” the suspect is the same in each attack,  Chafee said in an emailed statement to USA TODAY. 

“Many have asked whether these shootings are related to Cherokee County’s shootings,” Chafee said. “Video footage from our Video Integration Center places the Cherokee County suspect’s vehicle in the area, around the time of our Piedmont Road shootings. That, along with video evidence viewed by investigators, suggests it is extremely likely our suspect is the same as Cherokee County’s, who is in custody.”

Two of the shootings occurred across the street from each other in Atlanta, at the Gold Spa and the Aromatherapy Spa, following a shooting in the suburbs.

The first incident happened at Young’s Asian Massage Parlor in a strip mall off Highway 92 near a rural area in Acworth, about 30 miles north of Atlanta.

Who is the suspect?

Robert Aaron Long, 21, of Woodstock, Georgia, was taken into custody in Crisp County on Tuesday night, about 150 miles south of Atlanta, Baker said. 

Who were the victims?

The victims in the Acworth shooting were two Asian women, a white woman and a white man, Baker told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The fifth victim was a Hispanic man who was injured and taken to the hospital.

All four victims of the Atlanta shootings appeared to be Asian women, police told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Police have not released the identities of the victims. 

“The reported shootings of multiple Asian American women today in Atlanta is an unspeakable tragedy — for the families of the victims first and foremost, but also for the Asian American community, which has been reeling from high levels of racist attacks over the course of the past year,” Stop AAPI Hate, which tracks incidents of discrimination and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, said in a statement.




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