China: If you want to avoid any hassle with a visa, get our Covid-19 vaccine!


Morning Briefing, Asia Edition
March 17, 2021
By Melina Delkic and Amelia Nierenberg

Fast track to a visa: Taking China’s vaccines
Chinese embassies in a growing number of countries, including the U.S., have begun requiring that foreigners entering China must first be fully inoculated with a Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine if they want to avoid extensive paperwork requirements.
That rule may make the visa process difficult for people in countries like the U.S. and most nations in Europe, where no Chinese-made vaccines have been approved for use.
The move puts diplomatic pressure on other countries to give regulatory approval to Chinese vaccines. Beijing has not allowed vaccines developed in other countries to be produced or administered in China.
Details: The rules, which enable visitors to bypass strict requirements like a negative nucleic acid test, detailed health and travel records, and a government agency invitation, currently apply to visitors from Hong Kong, Britain, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam and at least a dozen other countries.



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