Did Pope Francis say that the Covid-19 vaccine will now be required to enter Heaven? Of course not. It comes from a satirical website.


This is either fake news or satire.
Whatever, the Pope did not say that.

It comes from the Babylon Bee.

The Babylon Bee is a conservative Christian news satire website that publishes satirical articles on religion, politics, current events, and well-known public figures. It has been referred to in the media as a Christian, evangelical, or conservative version of The Onion.[1][2][3][4]



Pope Francis Says Covid Vaccine Will Now Be Required To Enter Heaven
November 30th, 2020

VATICAN CITY—Pope Francis said today that God has informed him of a new requirement to enter Heaven: everyone must now receive the COVID-19 vaccine before entering the pearly gates. 

“This is very important for the salvation of all people on Earth,” Pope Francis explained. “We know that God lets everybody into Heaven because He loves us all and He doesn’t really care what kind of mischief we get ourselves into in this life, but we must be wary of the greatest earthly sin of all: not getting the COVID-19 vaccine. God has informed me that He will not let you into Heaven unless you have received BOTH DOSES of this very safe vaccine.”

The Pope’s announcement comes as leaders worldwide push for citizens to receive the vaccine. Scientists have claimed the vaccine is in no way harmful to anyone, and it cannot possibly turn you into a zombie or anything weird like that. 

Pope Francis also stated that receiving both doses of the trustworthy vaccine will “immediately release your deceased relatives from purgatory” and “could even cut your time there in half.” To drive his point home, he has commanded the Catholic church to deny communion to any unvaccinated members. 

At publishing time Pope Francis had received an initial dose of the vaccine and had to be strapped down in a bed for an exorcism before the second dose. 


The Pope Did Not Say People Must Get COVID-19 Vaccine To Enter Heaven There are no credible reports of Pope Francis making such a statement.

By – AFP  |  14 Dec 2020 9:11 PM

The Pope Did Not Say People Must Get COVID-19 Vaccine To Enter Heaven

An image has been circulated on social media that purports to show a genuine news article about Pope Francis announcing that people must receive the COVID-19 vaccine in order to enter heaven. The posts, shared repeatedly in multiple Facebook posts, criticise the Pope’s alleged comments.

But the image in the posts is actually a screenshot of a satirical article; as of December 9, 2020 there are no credible reports of Pope Francis making such a statement.

One post was published here on Facebook on December 3, 2020. The image in the post shows a screenshot of an article. It is headlined: “Pope Francis Says Covid Vaccine Will Now Be Required To Enter Heaven”.

The English and Tagalog-language text overlay above the image reads, in part: “The devil in human form. How can Catholics believe this lying serpent? Does he think Catholics are STUPID or don’t have BRAINS?”

Screenshot of the misleading post, taken on December 7, 2020 Also Read: Anti-Virus Card Is Ineffective Against Preventing COVID-19 Infection Comments from some Facebook users on the misleading post indicated they believed the report was genuine.

One commented: “Lets inject him first. Wait a week then see what happens to this idiot!!” Another wrote: “False Pope teaching!!! He is deceiving his own self. Deceiving his followers around the world.”

But the article shown in the posts originated from a satirical website. A series of keyword searches on Google found the same article published here on The Babylon Bee, which describes itself as a “Trusted Source For Christian News Satire”.

A screenshot of the satirical article The website’s ‘About Us’ page reads, in part: “The Babylon Bee is the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims. We write satire about Christian stuff, political stuff, and everyday life.”

Screenshot of The Babylon Bee’s About Us page, taken on December 7, 2020 Both the site’s Facebook and Twitter accounts also state: “Fake news you can trust.”

Also Read: Online Posts Downplay COVID-19 Death Toll In The USA As of December 8, there are no credible media or Vatican-sourced reports that indicate Pope Francis has issued any such remarks about Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic.

Philippine news organisation Vera Files also debunked the claim here in December 2020.

Updated On: 25 Dec 2020 9:39 PM Claim Review :   Pope Francis said that people must get the COVID-19 vaccine to enter heaven. Claimed By :  Facebook posts Fact Check :  False



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