Sweden: Axe-man shot by police after hurting 8 people in a suspected terrorist incident…


Associated Press

Wed 3 Mar 2021 20.49 GMTLast modified on Wed 3 Mar 2021 21.15 GMT

Man armed with axe injures eight in possible terrorist attack in Sweden

A man in his 20s is in custody after being shot in the leg by police following the attack in Vetlanda

A man armed with an axe has attacked and injured eight people in a southern Sweden town in what authorities called a suspected terrorist crime.

Police said the man in his 20s attacked people in the small town of Vetlanda, about 190 km (118 miles) southeast of Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden’s second largest city, on Wednesday afternoon. His motive was not immediately known.

The man was taken into custody after being shot in the leg by police, who said the condition of those attacked and of the perpetrator was not immediately known. Officials did not provide details on the identity of the suspect, who was taken to hospital.





Eight people are injured in ‘terror attack’ stabbings in southern Sweden with police shooting suspect in his 20s who is now in hospital

  • Suspected terrorist launched attack around 3pm Wednesday in southern town 
  • He was shot in the leg by officers after injuring eight people with a blade
  • The condition of his victims remains unclear but some were ‘seriously’ wounded


PUBLISHED: 18:13 GMT, 3 March 2021 | UPDATED: 21:38 GMT, 3 March 2021

Eight people have been injured in a suspected terrorist stabbing attack in Sweden.

Police said the attacker, a man in his 20s, was shot in the leg after he launched the assault just before 3pm on Wednesday in Vetlanda, a small town in the country’s south. 

He was rushed to hospital where he is receiving treatment under armed guard and is yet to be questioned.  

Some of the eight victims were said to be ‘seriously’ wounded and required an ambulance, with some local media outlets reporting that the attacker used an axe. 

The assailant’s motive remains unclear but police said they are treating it as a ‘suspected terrorist crime.’  

Five separate crime scenes were cordoned off around the town of around 13,000 residents. 

The local train station was also closed at the request of the police and a large number of officers have been sent to carry out patrols.

‘Right now it is unclear exactly what happened and what the motive was. The police have arrested a suspected perpetrator and have initiated a special incident to handle the development of the incident and create security in Vetlanda.’  



Eight injured and one arrested for suspected terror stabbing rampage in Sweden

3 March 2021 

A man has been arrested for carrying out a stabbing rampage in a small town in Sweden which has left eight people “seriously” injured.

The attack occurred at around 3pm on Wednesday in the southern town of Vetlanda when the assailant indiscriminately attacked eight people with a knife.

Police arrived at the scene at 3.10pm and a male suspect in his 20s was shot and subsequently arrested. He was escorted to hospital and is being detained under police guard.

A press conference has been scheduled on Wednesday evening for police to provide further information, but they have confirmed they are treating the incident as a “terrorist crime”, according to the police report.


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