The mystery of the decaying corpse in an Air Itam apartment in Penang: What did he die of? Neighbours fear that it was from Covid-19!


Discovery of rotting body in Penang apartment causes Covid-19 fear

Management says death may be due to heart attack, but neighbours think otherwise

Updated 17 seconds ago · Published on 29 Jan 2021 3:40PM ·

GEORGE TOWN – The rotting body of a man was found in an apartment unit of a building on Thean Teik Highway in Air Itam today.

His immediate neighbours said they have no idea of what had occurred.

However, after detecting a strange odour wafting into their home, residents in the unit above the victim’s placed an emergency call.

The apartment management believes that the man may have died of a heart attack, but neighbours fear that it could be due to Covid-19.

“We will not know the cause of death until post-mortem is done,” one of the neighbours said.

“When I opened my door this morning, Fire and Rescue Department personnel were trying to break into the (victim’s) home.

“It was then that I could smell the odour. According to the authorities, they said he could have been dead for five to six days.

– The Vibes, January 29, 2021


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