What is the name of the private college in Penang caught in the Macau scam probe?


Is the Penang private college case related to the 3 Teows and the Big Macau Scam?

What the police call the Big Macau Scam, Teddy Teow Wooi Huat aka Jho Low 2 and his 2 sons, and money laundering…


College caught in Macau scam probe

Predeep Nambiar -January 25, 2021 1:24 PM

GEORGE TOWN: A private college here has had its six bank accounts frozen by the authorities, following a money-laundering probe involving one of its directors.

A source told FMT that the action was believed to be part of a multi-agency investigation by the police, Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) into a businessman, who is also a director of the college.

The source said, as a result, the salaries of 200-odd staff of the college are in limbo as the accounts have been frozen by the authorities for “at least three months”.

It was also learnt the businessman, his business partners and associates’ 200-odd accounts have been frozen as well.

The source also told FMT that the latest action on the college director and his business associates was part of a larger dragnet following a crackdown on a Macau scam by police three weeks ago.

On Jan 3, Johor police revealed a Macau scam syndicate had laundered RM336 million through a network of bank accounts. Twelve people were arrested in a series of raids related to it last month.



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